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It is a pleasure to write a letter of recommendation for Mr. Rutwik Reddy Reddy, a deserving student, for admission to pursue Master’s Degree at your University. I have taught him the courses of “Electromagnetic waves and Transmission lines” and “Optical Communications” .This interaction with him provides me sufficient information to gauge and asses the intellectual capability and analytical skills that he has developed during his course.

He has proved himself to be an excellent student with good performances in his academic career backed by an in-depth understanding of core concepts in Electronics and communications. I find Mr.Rutwik to be hard working, diligent and sincere in his efforts and feel that his practical and logical approach of handling the problems presented should be brought to your notice. Apart from excelling in his academics, he has also shown interest in co-curricular activities. He has attended seminars conducted in the college on the latest developments in communications.

Rutwik’s analytical abilities are excellent and his interpersonal skills are one of his most outstanding traits. His communication skills and leadership qualities are very good. His performances in group discussions and seminars in my class clearly evidence this fact. He is always ready to shoulder responsibility and take initiative in events conducted on various occasions in the department and college, he has the qualities to mingle and work efficiently in a group.

Considering his hardworking, perseverance and intelligence, I strongly believe that he will scale the highest peaks in his fields of interest. In view of all the above facts, I strongly recommend him, without any hesitation, for admission into your graduate program with possible financial assistance.

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