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Since the Academy is a baccalaureate degree conferring institution similar with the leading universities and colleges in the country, its academic curriculum is placed under constant evaluation for relevance and development.

Since the 1950s, the cadet grading system was still base on the old West Point method even as the latter has continually subjected its curriculum for evaluation in order to improve the educational system.

It was during the 1970s when computerization was fully integrated into the curriculum of the cadets.
The academic reforms of the 1970s were not the last but in fact “jump-started” a series of subsequent reforms in the overall quest for excellence. Now, among the strategic initiatives of PMA as stated in the PMA roadmap 2015 is to ensure provision of quality education and training are as follows: 1. Revise/review the curriculum
2. Rationalize the Academic Calendar
3. Rationalize cadet schedule
4. Automate and enhance the PMA library system
5. Implement a permanent instructor policy
6. Rationalize the grading system
7. Pursue accreditation as an institution of higher learning
People who may see the roadmap may come to think that it is achievable or efficient. But PMA is an organization built up of different sub-organizations that needs to perform their own functions specifically the main concentration of HPMA, the Cadet Corps Armed Forces of the Philippines.

PMA, specifically the HAG incorporated in the teaching methodologies for the cadets a program called Universal Design for Learning in the hope of developing the cadets into a more competitive officer to serve the AFP.

Knowing the fact that there are several methods to help the cadet understand the lesson easier and faster, it is still alarming to see the growing deficiencies of the cadets particularly on technical subjects (e.g. Calculus and Physics).

With continuous occurrence of this kind of situation, we, the researchers aimed at searching for answers in which our study could help the HPMA to see how the Academy performs at present not only academically but also physically.

With the conversations outside and by personal observations, PMA was known to be the center of excellence here in Baguio City as compared with other known universities like the University of the Philippines, Saint Louis University Baguio, University of Cordilleras, just to name a few, but is now “degrading” as what other people have observed.

Upon reaching the end of the study, the researchers is hoping to see the factors affecting the level of quality of PMA as an academic institution and to see it current standing as compared to other universities in Baguio City.

We are hoping the HPMA can use of research study as a basis for their formulation of different roadmaps and programs in developing more the quality of education and training here in PMA. It will be beneficial for PMA as a whole and also for the Filipino masses since it the future leaders of the AFP that are being molded in this noble institution that will soon serve them as well.

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