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Questions: 1. Saima has proved that certain career myths are not always real. After a careful analysis of the case, what do you think which career myths has she ascertained? Saima has ascertained two types of career myths. First one is all Saima has to do is picking a career and she thought that things will be set after that. Choosing a career is a difficult task, but there are lots more to do after that. This career myth is indeed the most destructive because the person does not know what will be result of this career choice. We often see the people who had the same myth but after certain period of time, they became unsuccessful. People must have a clear idea and the future aspects of their chosen career. Things are not changed automatically; they are people who change them (Brolin, 2009). Interest level decides the things to be changed in a positive way. Second is that, if her parents were happy in a field which they wanted to be in the field of engineering, she was happy too. This myth is completely failed because everyone is different and what works for one person would not essentially work for another. If parents want to start career according to their own wish, so is the responsibility of young people to convince them about what is their interest and how can they have a successful career path (Farr, 2007).

On the other hand, those who think just to make happy their parents, they can neither achieve what they want nor fulfill the successfully the desires of their parents because of lack of interest. Moreover, parents should also consider that the fact that their preferred career can not necessarily be a good fit for their children. There is a need that both parents and their children realize that it is not a conflict of decision making, it’s actually the development of career which has a strong base with self satisfaction of children as well as take into account the advice of the parents. Despite following these career myths, Saima should have concentrated on her level of interest and convinced her parents about what was she actually want to do. If she did it, her parents could definitely think about it. But she made mistake and destroyed her destined career. She got her degree on what her parents wanted, i.e. in Mechanical Engineering but she still feels that it is not the well suited profession for her. This is the biggest loss for her.

Questions: 2. Parents are the neutral yet responsible party who know the best of their children but at the end everyone has his/her own life. What do you think that parents’ verdict in selection of career path leads to long term happiness or Saima should have followed her own choice? A suitable career sometimes can make an overall difference to life of anyone. Therefore so as to have a better and successful future, many students must talk about career with their teachers and parents. To me, listening to guidance and opinion of parents is crucial, but it is better for students to take decision based on their own interests (Karl, 2001). No doubt, parents and teachers have a hue experience and they have been surviving in the society for a long time, parents and teachers have much more awareness about what is good and bad for their children and students (Brolin, 2009). They understand what careers are better for the entire future. They tell their own stories and experience and help the younger generation to avoid unnecessary decisions. Most important, they teach the youngsters to understand the realities and to escape from “Utopia” (Farr, 2007).

But, despite of these facts, students must take their own decisions about their future career in order to have satisfaction that the career is chosen by their own. Only follow the instructions of elders cannot guarantee the job satisfaction. Therefore while choosing career, the students should also think what they want. Moreover, they need to take their capabilities, potentials and strong views into account. In my opinion, there is no difference between selecting a parents-preferred career and fighting for an idealistic dream. The appropriate decision is that students must choose a career that is better for their interests as well as adopts suggestions of their parents at the same time (Karl, 2001). Unfortunately, students have a conflicting situation with their parents regarding career orientation. Parents must also consider the interest level of their children because career decision is the very important point for the entire academic as well as professional life. The decision regarding career by students can result in some valid concerns (Brolin, 2009).

However, it can definitely benefit when parents help to make their decision; the role of parents play a crucial role in building up decisions of children indeed. Also, young people are always attracted towards attractive things in this risky immature part of life. Consequently, they are less probable to take suitable decision about their life. Saima should have followed her own choice as far as her career is concerned. Although parents have a huge experience and they always want the best for their children but I believe that no one can understand desire of a person more than him/her self. Students should be encouraged to follow a career which they want to have, as everyone has a right to take decisions mainly about career orientation but parents advice is also crucial.


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