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There are many different life factors that affect the way a person develops and acts. When a person is going through their different stages of development, factors that are around them can define the way they are. Major life events may also have an influence on the way the person develops through the life stages. In this essay I am going to discuss the effects of five different life factors and also two predictable and two unpredictable major life events, which may affect the development of an individual. Genetic factors

Cystic fibrosis is caused by a flawed gene. Children will only develop cystic fibrosis if both parents are carriers of the gene. Its protein product causes the lungs to become sticky and clogged. People with cystic fibrosis tend to suffer from chest and respiratory infections which is life threatening as it affects their breathing and they will also have problems absorbing food. Physical development-children with cystic fibrosis tend to go through puberty 2 or 3 years later than their classmates. Almost all men who have cystic fibrosis are unable to father a child (infertile). Women who have cystic fibrosis can have successful pregnancies. But they may have more difficulty getting pregnant than other women. People who have cystic fibrosis may have weaker bones than other people because their bones contain fewer minerals. Weakened bones can lead to bone fractures,. Cystic fibrosis can also cause swollen or painful joints this is known arthritis). These problems are more common in adults than in children.

Intellectual development-A teenager would be affected by cystic fibrosis as this would affect their education as they would be missing days off school/college/university. It may stop a teenager from going to school/college and with adults it may stop them going into work and this would stop them earning as much as they need to.

Emotional development- A person may develop depression as they would get sick and tired of the illness as they they never wouldn’t be able to go out much because their out of breath most of the time Social development-it may stop them from taking part in sport activities. People with cystic fibrosis always have to attend hospital appointments so they wouldn’t able to spend a lot of time with their friends. Biological Factors

Foetal alcohol syndrome

Foetal alcohol syndrome has an influence on the child’s development before birth. Mothers who drink large amounts during pregnancy have a chance of giving birth to a child with foetal alcohol syndrome. Physical development-The child may have low birth weight and the child may have a smaller head than average, the child will have hand deformities, facial abnormalities, including smaller eye openings, and flattened cheekbones. Intellectual development- The child may have learning difficulties including poor memory, inability to understand concepts such as time and money, poor problem-solving skills also the child may have a lack of imagination or curiosity, Emotional development-It may affect the moods of the child; the child may develop behavioral problems, including hyperactivity, stubbornness as the person develops him/she may experience Depression, anxiety and anger issues.

Social development-The person may find it difficult to build and maintain friendships and they may find it difficult to relate to groups, as the person grows older he/she may find it difficult to become independent of his/her parents

Environmental influences
The major types of bullying include:
Physical Bullying – pushing, hitting, stealing, unwanted touching. Verbal / Emotional Bullying – name-calling, teasing, spreading rumours Internet / online Bullying – using the internet to tease, harass or spread rumours about an individual. Social Bullying – blaming rudely or sarcastically

Emotional development- The person may become depressed, think about suicide, or carry out suicide; they may also develop anxiety disorders, they may have low self esteem Social development- Children who are bullied do not learn appropriate social skills when they are young, they grow up to be antisocial adults. They will have poor relationships with others, including family members, friends, co-workers, etc. Intellectual development – the child may Skip certain classes at school which could result in the child becoming intellectually challenged Physical development – The child may come home with bruises, cuts or other unexplained injuries, the child’s possessions maybe destroyed, including books, clothing, or lunch money. A person may be bullied due to their weight; their weight may plummet in an extremely short amount of time.

Socio economic influences
Income and expenditure
The economic resources that you and your family have can make a major difference to your quality of life. A person’s weekly income enables them to pay for their necessities for example food and clothing. A child living in a low income home may have:

Physical development- they will be living in poor housing so they will have a greater risk of developing an illness Social development- they will have less chance of having the latest phones and games and also less chance of travel Emotional development- they will have low self-confidence and self-esteem which may lead to depression Intellectual development- they will have less access to computers to help with homework and if the house is overcrowded they will have less room to do homework which may have an impact on their academic achievement.

People spend their money differently in order to create a way of living Drugs
Some people use drugs because they think it will increase their happiness Intellectual development- they can slow the brain development, interfere with the learning process, decreasing the ability of concentration. Long term drugs use will cause Schizophrenia this is a severe mental illness which may cause you to hear voices in your head and believe that other people are trying to control or harm you Physical development- they may have rotten teeth and drug abuse may slow down growth in both height and maturity, Drugs also add years to your appearance Emotional development- You may have panic attacks – periods of very severe anxiety when your heart rate increases, with trembling and a fear of losing control. You may also develop depression Social development- people may look down upon you so you may lose your friends

One major predictable life event is marriage, most people come to a point in their lives when they think it is time for them to now settle down, a person who is married will learn to make emotional attachments and will experience closeness however a married person may feel that they have lost the ability to be independent also they may feel threatened by intimacy and they may find it hard to share belongings. Another major predictable life event is parenthood, mostly all women will think about starting a family at one point in their lives, when a child is born the mother automatically becomes attached to the infant and the mother starts to learn parenting skills, on the other hand the mother will feel very tired and she may lack sleep, she may also have to change her lifestyle for example going on night outs as now she has responsibilities and she needs to satisfy the child’s needs.

One major unpredictable life event which an individual may come across is Divorce, the person will have to learn to cope without their other half, they’ll have to learn to cope with a new way of living however they may fail to adjust to a new lifestyle because the person maybe grieving at the loss of their relationship, the person may also experience financial hardship as the person who was the breadwinner is no longer living with them, all of these problems may lead to depression Another major unpredictable life event is developing an illness, the person will have to learn to adapt to the physical changes for example the person may develop severe arthritis which may result in using a wheelchair. On the contrary the person may fail to adapt to their disability and may feel very angry and frustrated at the loos of their good health which may lead to depression

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