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Life in ancient Rome was a lot different from life now. They did not have the technology we do today. By technology I don’t just mean computers, I mean every innovation we are used to now. This is the story of Vera Audaculus Valenziano’s wedding. She lived from 41 BCE to 13 BCE. Vera was of the middle class; her father was a fine baker and cook who prepared food for the emperor of Rome. In the year 27 BCE Augustus came to power as the Roman Emperor. Augustus, at the time, was looking for a bride to be his empress. Vera was 14 at this point in the story. One day, when Vera was helping her father cook food and bake bread for Augustus’s crowning, her father asked her to go and get some vegetables from the garden. When Vera went into the garden Augustus was there too with his slaves dressing him for the ceremony. At that moment the two fell in love and during Augustus’s crowning he proclaimed he was to marry Vera. The day of the weddin

g had finally come. Everyone in the Roman Empire had come. There

was tons of food prepared. For breakfast in the morning there were eggs, fresh sausages, bread and cheese. In the middle of the day they snacked on bread and cheese. The time had finally come to start the ceremony. Vera was in a white toga with a belt tied with the knot of Hercules. It had a blue stripe at the bottom and shoulders showing her new royalty. Augustus was wearing a toga praetexta with large purple stripes showing his power. The wedding started as Vera walked up the aisle in the coliseum where she was to be married. Augustus stood in the middle and waited for Vera’s father to walk her down to him. However, her father couldn’t bear to let his daughter go. He refused to let his daughter marry him. Augustus was fraught with anger and ordered that Vera’s father fight him in a gladiator battle. That night while Augustus and Vera, who still loved Augustus, feasted on all kinds of bread, meats and cheeses.

The father was fed vegetable soup, usually eaten by the poor. That night Augustus and Vera slept in Augustus’s huge villa/palace in luxury and comfort, while Vera’s father was held in a prison. The next day arrived and so did the gladiator battle. Both Augustus and Vera’s father were let out into the arena. Immediately Augustus struck is sword into Vera’s father and killed him. He had won the bride. That night the marriage ceremony was preformed and Vera and Augustus were husband and bride. Augustus and Vera lived until the age of 30 and 31. They died in a tragic accident. Until now no one has known how they were killed but, researchers today found it was the ghost of Vera’s father.

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