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Claire is a teenager, growing up with a single, hardworking mother, whose job in the natal ward of the hospital keeps her away from home at irregular hours. As a way of keeping in touch, Claire and her mother leave notes for each other on the refrigerator door. Containing everything from shopping lists, requests for money, and reminders about looking after their pet rabbit Peter, to important events that are approaching (such as school tests and invitations from friends), the notes are one of the only forms of communication that the two have with one another. It isn’t until Claire’s mother finds a lump in her breast that she and Claire make more of an effort to spend time with one another. But even then, daily life gets in the way, especially when Claire meets her first love, and begins to mature as a young adult. I chose to read this text as I feel I can relate to not making enough time with my mother and it seemed interesting for me to read as it is in post-it notes format.

yle="text-align: justify;">A quote I found interesting was Claire’s response to The mom’s note :

“ I’ve had to go for the radiation therapy and then work for a couple of hours, they couldn’t do without me. I think it’s very unfair to say I haven’t been here when you’ve needed me. Mom” Claire’s response was “ I’m staying the night at Emma’s again”. This quote shows the ignorance and selfishness that Claire is displaying, by not making an effort to be at least respectful towards the mother. Another quote I found interesting was when the mom said “The edges of the grass are turning brown and poor peter (rabbit) is gasping in the heat, but you’re cool and fresh and dancing. This quote is showing the minor responsibilities like looking after a rabbit comes last often when we have “boyfriends” and “friends” That we always tend to put first rather than care for the one that need us the most.

This novel highlighted the idea that we may not realise how long we have with the ones we love and we tend to focus on the less important things, without realising. Our communications with our loved ones can improve. For example, instead of going to Emma’s house all the time when it wasn’t necessary, Claire could have made time for her mother instead. This novel made me realise that I need to make my parents feel more appreciated by doing the little things that count, like doing the dishes, buying groceries, cooking dinner and don’t push them away when they are just trying to be there and help. When I am sitting in my room on Facebook or gaming, It’s just another fraction of time wasted when I have no idea how much time I have left with them, because the unexpected, may happen any time soon….

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