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Living in a house that cares about doing well in life and making wise choices makes it hard to make bad ones. I grew up in a small town in Forest park. Growing up as the oldest I have to show my young brothers and sister the right choices. My parents taught me a lot about life and that one little choice could end being a bad one. Being a

Being a junior in High School I never thought I could make bad choices. As a young adult with a burning passion, I try my best to make good choices in life to make my parents proud.

I would like to start making better choices like doing better in school. My dream is to become a professional photographer. To make that dream into reality I must start making up my classes I failed so I can graduate and go on to art and designing school. So I need to stop skipping my classes and starting going to classes. So I can be successful in the future and help my parents out. I have to start showing my family that I am making the good choices in life.

Every day before I go to bed or wake up I think about making good choices in my life. Like if I choose the wrong choice my life could easily go up side down and if I choose the right choice my life could be easier. But no one ever has a perfect life to live a good life with the right choices ready for them. Every one has a little struggle making good choices. Any one can change their life around easily just got to make the right choices.

I was smoking weed and not thinking about how it would affect me or the people around me. I was only thinking of myself until I got in trouble. I am not a bad young man at the moment I was just making bad choices. I disappointed my family terribly. They haven’t forgiven me since that day. Sometimes I wish I could go back in time to stop myself.

Everyone makes mistakes. In fact, to every one is human. So, do not be afraid to make mistakes. They teach you much more than success does. What is important, however, is to learn from the mistakes of the past and not to mindlessly repeat them.

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