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To consider yourself not to be a lifelong learner is almost like saying: “My body does not need water to life” Learning is part of our nature, culture, religion and everyday life and is one of the most unavoidable things in life. As we as humans grow older and leave school or a university we will soon “learn” that learning does not end at a diploma or degree, it is more than just books and text. Learning is about taking what has been learned by others and try to use that as a guideline or basis to improve on ideas and facts. It is ultimately about moving forward in life. I would like to become a medical doctor one day and that will take a minimum of 7 years of studying after school, but that is not were the learning stops, that is only where the theory part of the learning will end to a degree. The field of medicine that I would like to step into is an ever changing field where new viruses are discovered on a regular basis, therefore new medicine needs to be invented to stop these viruses. Our previous knowledge about viruses will help in the creation of the new medicines and new information about the new virus will help us learn things about other viruses we might not even have known about.

As a medical doctor I will have to go on seminars on a regular basis to learn about new developments in the medical field, otherwise I will not be able to diagnose a patient correctly if I have not made the effort to learn aboutthese new illnesses. In my own life I need to learn a lot about life itself, who to trust who not to trust, when is the right time to say something and when it is not. Life ends the day I pass away and until that day I will still be learning about life and how to overcome all the obstacles that it will put in my way. I can never be someone who thinks they know everything, that will be naïve of me to have that mind-set. Learning does not stop when school is over, you should always try to improve yourself and the field you are qualified in to leave something more for the next generation of learners so that they also can improve on what I have learned and therefore ultimately improve the quality of life.

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