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A new generation has come of age bringing with it a lifestyle that is shaped by an unprecedented advance in technology and dramatic events both local and foreign. Because of this rapid change we can say that the older generations are finding it hard to relate to the new generation particularly with the new way of life and current trends. With the arrival of new forms of media such as cell phones, social networking and the internet, we are now in a world where the only thing constant is change.

Technology plays a major part in the lifestyle of this new generation. Nowadays, sending a message to a friend that is thousands of miles away is as simple as pushing of a button, direct access to unlimited storage of information takes no more effort than just a click away. Social networking such as Facebook and Friendster brings friends and family more closely together and not to mention a huge potential given to the youth to be creative and share their opinion through blogging and present themselves to the world through countless personal profiles. Young people today accept these advancements and had made them uniquely aware to its advantages and disadvantages.

These tools are a big help in their everyday living but we also have to acknowledge that it is making the youth “lazier” a good example is the internet in which when a teacher asks a student to make an essay, he or she would just find a site, copy paste the content and then submit. Another prime example of this laziness is because many of the resources are available in just an easy reach, the youth in turn is encouraged not do anything and remain in the confines of their comfort zones, not exploring beyond their boundaries and capabilities. But perhaps the most alarming factor that could be observed on the youth today is the growing indifference to the responsibilities they hold in society and neglecting the big role they play in its development. They fail to realize that it is them who are the hope of the nation.

Young people of today can be characterized as the techie generation. They use technology and the internet to connect to people in different ways. Embracing technology as a part of life, they find creative ways to explore this new medium, opening new opportunities and new ways of doing things in the future. This new generation is unique and distinct in their own rights. “To whom much is given, much is required” and as in the case of the young people of today, much has been given to them by the rapid change of the times and therefore much is expected from them in the future to come.

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