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Lincoln and Davis’ Effect in the American Civil War Essay Sample


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Introduction of TOPIC

            The 16th president of the United States of America was Abraham Lincoln who was born on February 12, 1809 in Hardin County, Ky. He was raised naturally as a farmer but he left home and found his calling. He became part of the Senate and later on, he was elected as President and served as a threat to the Southern people who believed that his election would mean the end of slavery.

            Even before he served in the government, Lincoln already opposed the slave trade or slavery going on in the Americas. His parents were part of a Baptist church who strongly opposed slavery which much more relates to Abraham Lincoln’s statement that he was really anti-slavery. President Abraham Lincoln was the one who guided

the United States of America in the devastating experience in the U.S. national history which is the

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Civil War.

            On the other hand, Jefferson Davis who was born in Kentucky but grew up in Mississippi joined the Confederacy and later on became the President of the Confederate States of America. He opposed the belief of Abraham Lincoln to completely abolish slavery. As the president of the Confederacy, he raised arms against the Union and together with his people, he fought in the American Civil War.

            The two presidents both worked hard to achieve victory in the American Civil war that lasted for five years but both of them also lacked some strategies to fully hold their militias. In the side of Davis, he tried to ally with the Brits but Lincoln’s people and Lincoln himself taught of a better idea by fully abolishing slavery in belief that Britain doesn’t approve of slavery anymore.

            The belief of both Presidents brought them to the end of the civil war. Davis’, although supported by his people has not properly establish he goals and it lead to Confederate’s defeat. Lincoln on the other hand proved that his re-election was a good thing and they won the war. To many historians, he was considered as the greatest American President.

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