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The music I listen to has all to do with my mood most of the time because I like to listen to all types of music. Lately, the artists that represent what type of music I like to listen to is Jesus Culture, Hillsong United, and The Civil Wars. Hillsong United is and Contemporary Christian rock band that originates from the Hillsong Church in Australia (Hillsong Church, 2012). I was introduced to this band when I went to the youth nights at a church I was taking a few Christian based classes at. Since I already liked all kinds of music it was easy to get into the flow of their rock sound. But it was the music lyrics that made me fall in love with this band. This band allowed me to still away spiritually, where I could feel the pure love of the Lord through the music and lyrics. The band Jesus Culture, I happened to stumble upon while listening to Hillsong United on YouTube and saw this group in the related videos section.

They literally have the same effect on me as Hillsong United. Utilizing their rock flare with serene lyrics draws me in and takes me on another level spiritually. Being that they are Christian band that originates out of the Bethel Church in Redding, CA (Jesus Culture, 2012). Another group that I have been really drawn to lately is a songwriting duo out of Nashville that plays in a stripped to the bare bones kind of way (The Civil Wars, 2012). They harmonize and have a connection that seems effortless. Not to mention their sound of folk rock is definitely something that keeps you on your toes of what they will do next in the unique way they harmonize along with just a guitar. It was their song Barton Hallow that I happen to see flipping passed the VH1 channel and immediately I fell in love with the way they portray a sound that seems so effortless but so intricate especially, when you just close your eyes and listen. Each of these bands makes me feel like I am at home in front of a fire place, drinking hot chocolate after coming in from a cold wintery day.

Even though I listen to all sorts of genres the rock genre is what I seem to enjoy the most because of the way it can invoke energy as well as be able to come down and sound so sweet. But it is mostly the lyrics more than anything that keep me entertained the most by the way the music flows so beautifully along with the poetry being sung. Each band represents me and my personality and the inner emotions I feel that just cannot be expressed in casual conversation. As a song writer, I know and understand that it is in the lyrics that flow beautifully along with the music that can draw a person in to enjoy a song and that is what these three bands do for me. These bands inspire me to be more creative with my writing and help me to still away in my mind for those sacred moments when you need serenity and peace from the things you face in your life day to day.


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