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Literary criticism of Bishop’s creative writing “The Moose” Essay Sample

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Literary criticism of Bishop’s creative writing “The Moose” Essay Sample

What makes life, a life is what the poem implied about. The narration of the travel of the passengers headed to Boston, metaphorically it  refers to a journey of person searching for a place called “HOME’.

The writer has a complex and sarcastic projection of the poem. She wraps the narration with a simple context but deep in meaning. She reveals dissatisfaction to appreciate contentment and she uncovers idealism to value realism.

In revealing the right understanding, language is dissected figuratively; how it represents the word. The poem begins with a long, thrilling aura of Nova Scotia, the land “of fish and bread and tea/home of the long tides”, this represents the earth itself, where it is bounded with blessings—the food ad other needs.

On the other hand, it may specifically refer to a particular place which is described by the writer. According Catherine Joyce (On the Art of Seeing Things, 2008) the name of setting is not mentioned, but considering the description this is nothing else but referring to Nova Scotia.

The poem continues “home of the long tides where the bay leaves the sea twice a day and takes the herrings long rides, where if the river enters or retreats in a wall of brown foam depends on if it meets the bay coming in, the bay not at home; where, silted red, sometimes the sun sets facing a red sea, and others, veins the flats’ lavender, rich mud in burning rivulets…” In this stanza, it further supports the description of the place. The writer uses personification to put life on the setting. “the river enters or retreats…” this represents person as sometimes brave/”enters” or sometimes quitter/’retreats” in his battle to life but still it continues moving like the river flows going towards the bay. The “red sea” mentioned is an allusion referring

On the followed stanzas, while driving through the woods, the bus stops because a moose has wandered onto the road. The appearance of the animal interrupts the peaceful hum of elderly passengers’ voices. Their talk despairingly revolving itself round such topics as recurrent human failure, sickness, and death is silenced by the unexpected advent of the beast, which redirects their thoughts and imparts a “sweet sensation of joy” to their quite ordinary, provincial lives (stanza 13-28)

The colloquial tone marks a shift back into reality, or rather into a still, small place where the ordinary meets the miraculous, “A moose has come out of/the impenetrable wood/and stands there, looms, rather,/in the middle of the road.” The voice locates this happening within the givens of a Nova Scotian experience—a kind of inheritance from living in the “impenetrable wood” where the sight of a moose is both “otherworldly” and yet “homely… safe as houses” c). It is indeed true, the moose symbolizes of certainty –No place like home.

In the scenario sited, the author simply projects a realization that sometimes in life people are too much conscious on taking the responsibilities for securing the battles in future. When the moose interrupted (stanza 27-28), it serves as reminders that life is wonderful and great. And the security of longing home is in themselves not by anything and anyone else.

The redirection of attention to the moose is giving them a little break for the travel, the travel in life perhaps. As they feel the joy seeing the creature, the desperate talk about human failure, sickness, and death were forgotten.

            The writer is creative in the way she gives twist to the poem. Observing the beginning lines to the 27th stanza, it does not give any clues or lead about “the Moose” not until in the last stanza, and it weighs more than those of the preceding stanzas because the theme is emphasized more in that part.  Thus, the poem is written in the indirect style.

The author has her own distinction in writing, the way it is rhymed, the style and the language. The placing the events for example, they are given thoroughly, and in that, interpretation is definite be it literal or metaphoric. Her style has captured the vivid realities of daily life made some people overlook the in depth implication of the poem, the moose? What is it about?

The poem is metaphorically titled. The moose is only a representation of something, an object of reality. Same with the other subjects mentioned such as the bus, passengers, the place and the travel, they symbolize the scenario of real life. The poem is indeed more than just descriptions

Bishops ends where she begins, with the precise evocation of what is, and yet the scent of other possibilities lingers long after the journey.

In totality, the writer intended to package the theme of reassurance and unsecurity primarily because it talks about life—the reality. We live to search, and we search to live of something. What is only certain is today. The future is inevitable and unpredictable but still we continue to live—that is the essence of life.

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