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European sailor, narrates the story, goes to Africa to pilot a riverboat for a Belgian ivory trading company, duty to seek out Kurtz, another riverboat captain, and bring him back to the trading companies central.Most successful agent for the trading company, becomes so entwined in his trade that he breaks the rules of his company and employs savage techniques to get ivory, becomes very ill and before his death, he tries to escape civilization and go into the jungle.Lives at the Outer Station, the company’s main accountant, tells Marlow about Kurtz.Work on the boat with Marlow as the boat moves towards the inner station.Runs the company, not particularly talented, makes people uneasy.Favorite of the manager, seems to be a kind of corporate spy, never actually produces any bricks, petty and conniving |Marlow is the one we see most everything through, his thoughts his opinions his ideas are what tells the readers exactly what’s going on. Self righteous Europeans, under the name of philanthropy are exploiting African resources.

The pinnacle of Company meets Natives, Kurtz transforms, one the most didactic characters he is the product of a child Europe and Africa had a custody battle over and Africa won. Kurtz finds himself struggling to get a grip on what decorum is (was).He is Europe. Europe staring Africa down in the midst of chaos, he created his only tiny corner of order and structure in the all-to-crazy Congo. Africa cooperating with Europe whether out of fear or reverence the God they believe Kurtz to be.The General Manager is justthe run of the mill ruthless greedy man most guys become when they realize there is no one there to challenge them and make them behave otherwise. He keep Marlow from Kurtz and plots to take his job.Just plodding along lucky enough to be held so close to the general manager the brickmaker is just a lazy little weasel
aspiring to be as influential as he believes Kurtz and Marlow are.

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