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The US army lost the Battle of the Little Big Horn because of the mistake made by General George Custer The battle of little big horn took place on 25th June 1876. All 210 soldiers in General Custer’s force were killed by Indians led by sitting bull. The Battle began because the white settlers and the Native American’s lived in peace but the American’s started to abuse their trust with the Native American’s as they started to dig for gold, as the gold was discovered in the Rocky mountain and build train lines to get to the mountain. The us government then started to build more train lines and started to scar the buffalo away, the Native American’s needed the buffalo for food and many other items. The Native American’s than had enough of the White settlers destroying their land and traditional customs, Red cloud addressed the US government representative and announced “the great Father (US president) sends us presents and wants us to sell him the road, but the white chief comes with soldiers to steal it before we say yes or no. I will talk to you no more. I will go now and I will fight you”. In this essay I will try to explore the battle and whether the US defeat was because of General Custer.

Many historians think that Custer was to blame for the defeat. When I looked at the evidence I saw that there were a number of reasons that were fault. For example he made his men march 73 miles in 3 days, this made them tired and very week. He also rarely listened to order’s which tells us that he thought he knew best, he also enjoyed being in the public eye a lot which tells us that he had a extremely ego. He split his force which half the chances of winning the battle, he underestimated the Native American’s. As they were travelling to find the Native American’s he ignored Reno (a fellow General), when he asked for Custer and his troop’s to wait Custer choose to carry on despite Reno’s order’s, this meant they would arrive at the battle before the other’s.

However, some reasons were nothing to do with Custer. When I looked at the plan of the battle I saw that the army were split into 3 forts and were placed in different sections of the country, they then had to travel were they assumed the Native American’s would be, there is 2 reasons why this part of the plan was a problem 1 of these were, if 1 fort got to the battle before another fort, they would have to start the battle, if this did occur they would have to start the battle outnumbered by the Indian’s, the second problem was they were not completely sure were the Indian’s were located. Many of the US army member’s were not trained, most of them were criminals, they were given single shot ‘Springfield’ rifles, lots of the Indian’s had Winchester repeater rifles, although the Indian’s did have better guns they also had much better aim.

Another reason why the US army lost is because the Indians fought well. The evidence shows that the Indian’s trusted each other as they had to rely on each other a lot more, the US army did not trust each other as most of them were strangers. Also the US army did not have very good aim and unfortunately for them the Indian’s did, they also had better communication than the American’s. The Indian’s had a better attitude and they were fighting for their families and land the American’s were only fighting for gold, money and egos, so the Indian’s had a lot more to fight for. A leader of the Indian’s, sitting bull, had very strong visions that inspired the Indian warriors, they also performed dances to ask the spirits to support them and ask them to help them win the battle, this helped them lift there sprits before the battle. I think the Native Americans were very surprised when a lot of them got extremely ill, many of these illnesses where brought but the Americans, the Indians did not understand how to treat these illnesses.

In conclusion I disagree with the idea that General Custer was the main reason why the US army lost in the battle of little big think this because the US army’s plan was wrong from the beginning although Custer did contribute to the defeat, also the Native American’s were a strong opponent to beat.

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