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There is a significant difference which can affect people’s lifestyle, when they choose to live alone or with other people. It is one of the most important decisions in life. There are many factors that can influence one’s decision, but the three major differences between living alone and living with people are in cost, socializing and independence. One of the most common factors that most people consider when they decide to live alone or not is cost. People usually pay less money when they live alone than when living with others. There is a transparent tendency among people to make decisions based on their incomes. So people with higher salary prefer to pay more for better conditions, than those with lower income. However, some people prefer to pay more and they agree to buy fewer goods for better comfort, when they live alone. Therefore, choosing between these two options is an individual process. There are some people who prefer to live with others for the socializing factor. It is easier for people who have roommates to socialize, compared to those who live alone.

For some people socializing is a crucial aspect. For example, teenagers and young adults often have a strong desire to live with others because of the opportunity to party and socialize. Also, roommates are usually willing to help each other with a large variety of issues related to money, personal life and so on. Moreover, people feel the need for to share problems with others, and roommates might become the best listeners and advisers. Finally, people schedule their day more independently and feel more freely when they live alone instead of living with others. This factor is essential for those who work at home. For instance, most people cannot concentrate, when there is someone else in the room playing video games or speaking on the phone all the time.

Moreover, people are usually annoyed by queueing to shower in mornings. Furthermore, many individuals hate when others see what they are doing, that is why personal space is another important factor. Some people become unreasonably suspicious; therefore, they try to hide their goods and activities from roommates. So living with others might be the worst decision for some people. To conclude, deciding to live alone or with others is a highly individual process. It is complicated to predict what choice people will make because of the different values they have. However, when people choose between these two lifestyle options, they usually make their decision based on cost, socializing and the ability to act independently.

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