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Although there is not much freedom living in a dormitory, I would choose to live in the dormitory. I used to live in a dorm, there are many practical advantages. By living in the dormitory, I can focus on the studying, and enables me to interact with more people. First of all, I can concentrate on school works and clubs. It is not only because I can get to the school right away, but also because living along with other students enhances my motivation. If I see somebody studying, I would be motivated to study. Living off the campus might require buying a car, which would make the living more expensive, too. As a student, I should make economical choice for my parents.

Also, I would not have to worry about making meals or doing laundry, in some dormitories, so that I can use the extra time to study. Second of all, I can make very close friends in the dormitories. I always stay with the roommates or other students. I can make stronger bond with friends, rather than just spending time with them in the school, since I know about my friends as I live along with them. Actually, when I was in the dormitory, more dormitory students went out with themselves in the holidays, than the students who lived home.

Finally, it is safer to live in the dorm. There are usually teachers who watch them. If I forget to turn off the fire on the stove, teachers might notice that; if I get injured or getting a sick, there are people who take me to hospitals. Living off the campus would encourage people to be more independent, though which means that they have to deal with many more problems by themselves. In conclusion, Living on the campus has many more advantages, than off the campus. Living in the dorm will better affect your academic success, and make close relationship with students in a safe environment.

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