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Living In The Country Side Is Better Than Living In The City Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

Over the last 20 years people are moving to the cities instead of the countrysides. In this essay we will see that it is due.

Undoubtedly, countryside is a good place to live because you are in contact with the nature and you are going to have a calm life. First of all, if you live in the countyside is easier to go for a walk in contact with tres and vegetation. Secondly, you will have a calm life because ultimately in the countryside lives less people.

However, in the cities you can being in tou

ch witn many People and you can do different activities. For one thing, when you live in a city, you

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have more oportunities to be with people all day, it´s imposible to get bored because you can go to bars, restaurants and you can get all staff that you need because there are many shops. Another important point is that you have many oportunities to practice exercise, since running or cycling in the sreet or simply going for a walk, until going to the modern gyms with many exercising machines, modern cardio-vascular machines, and saunas, changing rooms and showers.

Besides, In the cities there are many companies such international companies as local companies, and It is easier to find a job because you have more oportunities to find a new job if you have lost your job.

To sum up, although the countryside is a good place to live because you are in contact with the nature and you are going to be a calm life. In the city you will be in touch with many people and yo will be able to do fifferent activities and it´s going to be easier to find a job.

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