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Our home is our choice. Everybody has possibility to make decision about his/her home. We can choose where we want to live: in a peace village or a teeming city. Before make this serious decision we have to investigate the main points of it. On the one hand neither living in a city nor living in a village does not seem very badly. Although, nowadays more and more people are choosing to live in city. Firstly, we know that there are plenty of opportunities as business, education and entertainment. Living in a city is very convenient. In cities children can get better education than in a village because of more developed schools. The youth have more possibility for entertainment; there are hundreds of clubs, cinemas and concerts. People have more facilities to find job with good salary. Moreover, there are more services, such as health, medical and ambulance services, police, different offices, hypermarkets. Furthermore transport in an easy thing, because they have a wide range of public transport. Additionally living in a city can not be boring. On the other hand the cost of living in a city is rather high. In cities people always in a hurry, everybody is busy.

Cities are very noisy, furthermore the air and the water is polluted because of the many factories and cars. In addition the are a lot of crime as pick pocketing, theft, robbery, kidnapping, blackmailing and even murder. The best parts of living in a village are the peace and silence. The clean nature calms us and we can be relaxed. In villages people are more friendly and converging. Moreover there are beautiful cottages and detached houses not apartment blocks. The roads are more safety; there are not so much accidents. Additionally the air is fresh; there are a lot of plants and animals. Furthermore culture and traditions are very important there. Finally you can relax a lot, and you can be a member of a rather little but a quiet friendly community.

However village has bad side too. Facilities are limited; there are not much job opportunities. Education isn’t as good as in cities. Many people feel themselves bored. Sometimes villages are obscurantist; they can not keep up with development of cities. To summarise this advantages and disadvantages of living in a city or in a village we can see that there is no unanimous solution. As people are different, their needs are different too. Some people can not live without bustle but some of them adore quite. This is how we were created. As for me I like both of these. I like the big city-style but I like my home village too. I need both of them. After the rushing city my home village makes me calm and relaxed.

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