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The knowledge triangle is present the three parts between to think, to write, and to learn; those three parts represent such concepts as the key drivers of an essay idea strategy. The writers’ tend to radical more responsive configuration of how to think, to write, and to learn work together to create significant innovations. First, the word “to think” represents strategy to create images to inspirit the soul. The minds will then open to new knowledge, and inspiration lead way to creative, the writers need to define neither logic nor imagination. Writers’ used critical and creative thinking to develop a classification of levels of intellectual behavior in learning. Critical thinking involves logical thinking and reasoning including skills such as comparison, classification, cause/effect, patterning, analogies, deductive and inductive reasoning, and planning. Whereas, writers used creative thinking involves creating something new or original. It involves the skills of flexibility, originality, brainstorming, modification, imagery, associative thinking, and attribute listing for forced relationships. The aim of creative thinking is to stimulate curiosity and promote divergence.

Therefore, writers made use of “to think” to drag down the most important information for the essay ideas. Second, the word “to write” indicates to write down the writer ideas takes them from just a thought, into reality. The ideas must be organize in a certain way for the words to flow smoothly when the reader read it. Tools are also allows to be used to help drag down numerous ideas to possibly classify the topic and define it use and mean, from research such as internet, references from books, and experiences. Furthermore, the creative ideas also become expandable; readers will be able to physically see the idea, rather than just imagining it in their mind. The last part of the triangle is “to learn,” learn from the writer essay. With all the hard work that has put in to an essay, there are surely grains a lot of information that people can learn from. The knowledge that grains from an essay can be used for future reference. There is broad agreement on the ingredients needed to connect the three areas of the knowledge triangle, in order to be successful in a perfect essay. A strong relationship can be seen in research being transferred to innovation applications. Therefore, the knowledge triangle refers to the interaction between researches, education, innovation, which are keys knowledge for future works.

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