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The poem ‘London Snow’ is written by Robert Bridges and ‘Composed Upon Westminister Bridge’ is written by William Wordsworth. Both of the poets share an interest in seasons, nature and the effect they have on humans. Both poems are set in London.

Bridges likes the way the light covers London like a spot light. Wordsworth mentions how the sights can dazzle you and you feel calm and happy, ‘I, never felt a calm so deep!’. Both poets describe the scene the season has caused as special and how their love for that specific one is great. Wordsworth even dates his poems title, ‘September 3, 1808’. So that it can be kept as a memory of the date and all that happened on it. ‘London Snow’ is the poem where people intrude more in it because its all about the peoples reactions to the sight the snow brings,’ The boys I heard as they went to school. . . their tongues with tasting, their hands with snowballing; . . . O look at the trees! They cried’. The sight of the ‘Dazzling’ white snow amuses the children and ‘their hands with snowballing’ shows how much fun the snow brings compared to an ordinary day.

When the snow comes it doesn’t only make everything look white but it hushes away any sounds that are normally made,’ the ear harkened to the stillness of the solemn air’ and the town is almost completely silent. The snow is falling down, ‘lazily and incessantly’. The people on their way to work are very impressed by the scenery and for a while forget all their worries and stress for the day as they are so wrapped up with what they see.

In Wordsworth’s poem everything is about his personal opinions and others views. He tells about the weather and seasons and describes the sight he sees as, ‘touching in its majesty’. He talks about anyone who can walk past without taking a glance ‘Dull would he be of soul’ as he thinks the scenery is too beautiful to pass without marvelling it. Everything looks so pretty ‘like a garment. The atmosphere the season brings makes you feel calm with the brightness of the sun shining.

Personally I prefer Bridges poem as when I read the poem I could picture the scene and could feel it. The description is very powerful. It describes what you can see, hear, feel and makes it all so real. I also like this poem better as it isn’t too short. Although it is long it is set out in short verses so it is a nice read.

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