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Modified True or False: Read the following statements. If the sentence is true, write T on the space provided. If the sentence is false, underline the word or phrase that makes the sentence wrong and write the correct answer on the space provided. (20 points)

1. Literature is the reflection of History because the details it gives to historical events are literally meaningful.

2. The history of a nation can be learned in its constitution, in its laws, and in its political statements. But to know the history of a nation’s spirit, you must read its literature. For through it, you can discover how the people of a nation have reacted to the events around them.

3. Nick Joaquin’s The God Stealer illustrates the struggle a modern native Ifugao and his ways of coping with the challenges and demands of culture and modernization.

4. The Scent of Apples shows that Filipinos go and live abroad because the Philippines is a country without hope.

5. Aida Rivera Ford’s Hunger characterizes how the Philippine society is both pathetic and promising.

6. Francisco Icasiano’s The God Stealer uses the concept of cultural alienation to conscienticise the Filipinos as regards their too much sense of colonial mentality.

7. For Aida Rivera Ford, wealth and comfort in life are not enough to rear up a child as it was reflected in her short story, Hunger.

8. That Bienvenido Santos is the assumed protagonist in The Scent of Apples emphasizes the truth that a literary piece cannot escape reflecting the author’s life and milieu.

9. Esa, in The Chieftest Mourner, is a Feminist.

10. Miss Noel, an idealistic English teacher from Pugad Lawin, decided to leave the school after she saw the reality of the education system upon the visitation of the school supervisors.

Modified Multiple Choices: Choose the letter of your answer for the following items. Each of the options is correct, however with corresponding points; 5 for highest and 1 for the lowest. (50 points)

1. The dead poet’s niece is the chieftest mourner because she .

A. lost her favourite uncle

B. did not have a chance to be mentored by her uncle

C. is the embodiment of the double standard society

D. is enchanted by the mystery of Esa, the paramour

E. is sad for her widowed auntie

2. Miss Noel’s being idealistic is .

A. baseless

B. hopeless

C. pathetic

D. principled

E. noble

3. For F. Sionil Jose, success and modernity.

A. are evil

B. cannot be achieved unless ethnic identity is completely forgotten

C. may still be achieved without necessarily forgetting one’s roots

D. cause the Westerners to be attracted to exotic objects

E. imperil ethnic roots due to their imperialistic nature

4. Wendy’s unfixed shoe strap shows that .

A. her parents do not love her

B. she is all alone

C. irresponsible parenthood is across socio-economic status

D. rich kids have their own share of problems

E. poor children are better than rich ones

5. The God Stealer pictures the significant human experience which says that .

A. blood is thicker than water

B. the reason for the search of identity is guilt and confusion

C. success cannot equate the benefits of true identity

D. the past is like a ghost that will forever haunt anyone who tries to abandon it

E. one cannot escape the roots of his/her ethnic identity

6. “The Chieftest Mourner”, “Hunger”, and “The Visitation of the Gods” share the theme, .

A. Filipino youth needs utmost guidance and direction

B. Philippine society is relatively young in terms of handling delicate social issues

C. Filipino psyche is like a child that looks for its parents for role modeling

D. Filipinos suffer problems from different levels and gravities

E. young people are always present in the Philippines

7. Wendy is the epitome of a .

A. fatherless generation

B. motherless generation

C. generation that needs guidance and attention

D. generation that is always discontented

E. time when people have to work harder to survive

8. The name Philip Latak is symbolic of .

A. the persistence of the native tradition

B. the insistence of the western culture

C. the ambiguity of the modern Filipino identity

D. the mixture of cultures

E. the loss of Filipino identity

9. The lines “Surely all these years, he must have held on to certain ideas, certain beliefs even illusions peculiar to the exile.” illustrate .

A. arrogance B. realization C. alienation D. sympathy E. empathy

10. “At that moment before [Esa] fled, I saw what I had waited to see. The mascara had indeed run down her cheeks. But somehow it wasn’t funny at all”.

Above are the final lines of the short story “The Chieftest Mourner”, which reveal a major characteristic of the narrator being .

A. empathic B. childish C. curious D. concerned E. mocker

Enumeration: Give what each of the following items asks for. Wrong spelling is wrong. (15 points)

1-2. Genre of Literature

3-7. Elements of Fiction

8-12. Parts of a Plot

13-15. Definition of Stream of Consciousness

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