Lord of the Flies: The Hearing Essay Sample

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The boys one by one went up to the witness stand and told the events of what happened on the island, how democracy played its part, how they crashed and what happened to Simon Pegger and Harold “Piggy” Pigson.

According to both statements the boys crash landed on the island after their plane engines malfunctioned and there pilot was killed during the crash.

They were scattered all over the island apart from Jack Merridew and the choir boys, who ended up in the same place. Ralph recalled that he was walking through the forest when “Piggy” called after him; they alter found the beach and a conch. A conch is a big, white, pearly shell that makes a calling sound when you blow it. Ralph and Piggy did so and all the boys from across the island came to the beach. This is where from both boys’ statements that all the passengers on the flight first met on the island. The conch was a sign of democracy and whoever was in possession of the conch could speak and voice there opinion about the many issues they faced as a team. Ralph was voted as leader and chief of them all. According to Jack Merridew, the boys disagreed about many things, he and his choir boys wanted to hunt and Ralph wanted to build s

helter and work as a team. The boys split groups and did nothing

but hunt sleep and gather firewood. The boys on the island became scared of what they called a beast, it was merely a figment of their imaginations, but one day saw the parachute of a rescuing jumper and believed it to be the beast. They rallied round to discuss it but Simon Pegger had untangled the man’s parachute and he had been washed away, on his way to tell the rest of the inhabitants of the island that the beats wasn’t real they mistook him for the creature and beat him to death. This caused an even greater rift between the boys and they began to want what the other “tribe” had and Jack and his boys stole Harold “Piggy” Pigson’s glasses to create a fire. Ralph said that he confronted Jack to give them back and play fair, this is when Piggy was killed by a rock that a young boy had pushed off the edge of a cliff. Jack’s tribe chased after Ralph, who was now alone, but the captain of a rescue mission to find the boys was waiting on the shore. Jack Merridew did not challenge or oppose when the captain said ‘who is in charge here?’ and Ralph volunteered himself. They were safely brought back to Britain.

Decisions Made:

No charges have been made, but both boys have been required to attend a correctional facility for two weeks.

They have both been recommended, along with all other children on the island, to be submitted for psychological analysis and physical tests.

Reasons For Decisions:

No charges were made because the court believed that circumstance played a major part in the events on the island. They had no male or female role model/adult to tell them what to do and no survival skills. The situation was out of the ordinary and no one would be able to act rationally in such a tense and overwhelming environment.

They were recommended for psychological analysis because they witnessed and performed some quite horrific and possibly mentally damaging things. They were also recommended for physical tests to make sure there health and body were still normal.

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