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In our modern day world where the government is the leading actor for their respective countries, the citizens would say that most of the leaders are incompetent because they are dissatisfied with what they are doing. Most leaders who achieve fame and recognition are not always the ones who had great leadership skills, but had other talents to make up for what they lacked.

In the novel, The Lord of the Flies, by William Golding, a group of boys are stranded on a deserted island after the plane crashed. Ralph, one of the older boys, is chosen to become their leader, but Jack, another one of the elder boys, did not like that. Over the course of events that happen in the novel, it becomes apparent that Ralph and Jack are polar opposites. While Jack wants to lead in an orderly manner and hope to be rescued, Jack persuades and captivats the boys into becoming savage hunters who follow no rules. Eventually it boils down to Ralph all alone and Jack with most of the boys trying to kill Ralph. The novel Lord of the Flies illustrates a great example that even when the leader of a group has outstanding ideals, it is up to the followers to uphold those ideals so they can support both the leader and the rest of the community.

During the short gap between The Great War and World War II, there was one German soldier who would become a powerful leader in the near future. His name was Adolf Hitler. Adolf had a sad past, one where his father expected too much of him and his mother dying when we would have graduated from high school. If people were to look into Adolf’s past, they would be amazed as to how he rose to power. When he was an adolescent he wished to become a painter. However, he was rejected by many colleges and universities which began his downward descent into what most people know him by. He was shy, frail, and weak, almost too much that he would have never been drafted into the army, but he rose through the ranks and eventually became the dictator most people know. However, it is only because of a series of unfortunate events that he became what he did. His loud, raspy voice, his charisma, and many other characteristics allowed him to rule Germany as he did, and not necessarily his ability to lead armies and citizens.

It is prevalent, both in history and literature that even the best do not succeed, as in Ralph’s case, and that those who are ill-suited do, as in Hitler’s case. Therefore, it is obvious to show that the ill-suited leaders who may or may not have great leadership skills have something else that lets them rise to power where as those who are well prepared for such a position do not necessarily become great leaders which attain fame and recognition.

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