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The parents know, what kind of a man their child will be, because he’ll be their reflection.A child is going to be born. Now it is very important that parents must love their baby. They must dream about the way their child will grow up, what kind of a person he will become. And if it is so, the happy man will be born. This baby is wished, perhaps, when he is born, he won’t cry and the first thing he’ll do he will be smiling at the world around him.This will be the biggest happiness because it goes from your heart and soul.

There are many steps parents must take to ensure a positive relationship with their child. Children need constant love and attention. Every child needs to feel secure and safe to develop a sense of trust. Without a steady bond to a caring adult, a child is at risk for becoming hostile, difficult, and hard to manage. Behavioral problems are less likely to occur in a child later on in life if parents are significantly involved in their life at an early age. It is not possible for parents to show their child love and attention constantly. It can be even more difficult if you are a single parent, inexperienced, or have a child with special needs or is sick constantly. Children also need adult supervision. They depend on their parents for guidance, encouragement, and support.


The hearth of parents love is they want to feel happiness and gain fortune through the children they have raised with such sincerity.It is the heart of a mother feeding her baby that even when the child urinates, excretes and smells, the parents forget it all with love. Even the heart of a fallen parent is like that, so imagine how earnestly God wanted to love Adam and Eve through the original heart.Every parent has this kind of heart, like when you hold a baby in your arms and raise them, you sing for them in their cot and wish every luck for them. If you child has a fault, the heart of the parent aches to the greatest degree. But if this is settled, joy accompanies you.The heart of parents makes them beat and lose their own body, sacrifice themselves and even die for the sake of their children.

There is nothing bad in the hearts of parents living for the sake of their children. The more worn out the mother’s clothes are, the more miserable they are, the love of the mother flows down the valley of tears.Even if the children had some fault, loving parents would not point it out at first. They want their children to inherit only the good points. Even if the parents hit the child on the cheek to scold them, they feel sorry and regret it; that is their heart. They did not hit the child because of the bad incident. If there is any small way in which the child has taken after the parents, the parents appreciate it more than the bad point and on that basis they try to understand the child; that is the heart of parents raising children.

The parents’ love towards their children does not consist of the usual relationships of daily life, but it arises from the bone. The parents have this love, which they cannot forget or cut off. That is why, as long as they live, parents love their children. When they feel they are related to the child with their own life, love arises naturally to the hearts of parents. They do not love thinking “That child is mine so I have to love him,” but because their own power of life is connected to the child. They cannot but love him. We feel these facts strongly in our family life.

Love cannot be accomplished alone; without life, love cannot exist. When we think about the father-son relationship, we see a relationship of love. So, unless we have life and hope, there cannot be a relationship of love. We cannot have love without the connection to life. That is why the connection oflife must be invested in love. Also, this problem of whether we feel more value of this love or not is decided by how much life was invested in this love.

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