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Have you ever been given the chance to pick between a job that will make you win a lot of money in life or a job that will satisfy you as a career and passion? Luis had a passion for teaching ever since he was in high school teaching to 10 year old kids. “He decided to go into teaching nine years ago, between his sophomore and junior years in high school, when he worked in a summer camp”(143). Luis was raised in the largest city of the state, where he have deep roots with friends and family. For half a year he had felt like a slave as a paralegal in a large law firm, and another half year as a junior executive has only made him realize his desire to become a teacher. He got into the habit of coming home and saying ‘‘there goes another 8 hours of my life down the drain”(143). Finally after completing his B.A and receiving his teaching credentials, he decided to apply for a part time substitute teaching position until something came up. Soon because of the many retirements and the good impression he had earned with the school where he worked, they offered him a full-time teaching job.

However, Sunset National Bank, a place where he applied, is offering him a job over 15 other candidates, “Sunset National Bank has chosen him over 15 other candidates for the trainee position because of his excellent academic background, fine references from his previous jobs, and outstanding interview” (144) . This opportunity would give him a slighter better paying salary, starting at $41,000 for the first year. In addition to his pay at the bank, where he will be promoted to loan officer, he will be receiving an additional $3,000 raise. Luis is now stuck in a position where teaching is the dream job he has wanted since High School, but he has also been given the opportunity of becoming a highly recommended banker, two choices that can be a very stressful decision to make. Luis should live up to his dream and become a teacher like he has always wanted, that way he can be satisfied and happy with his life instead of feeling meaningless.

Luis have to consider how much income is going to be made and what are his chances in promotion. The bank has offered Luis $41,000 a year to start. Luis could move up to a commercial loan officer, but possibly only if he undergoes training and takes courses on the subject which could be very costly. The author states, “It would be wise for him to consider acquiring a Master’s Degree in Business Administration to improve his chances to of being promoted” (145). If successful, later on he could get promoted to loan officer and receive an additional $3,000 raise. On the other hand teachers salaries have a starting rate of about 37,000 a year, but as teachers build up a longer stay with their teaching position, their salary starts increasing slowly. The top salary in the system is currently $75,000, making that the top salary a teacher can make. To make matters worst a teacher can get fired if the school goes broke. For this criterion, the banking job would be the best option if he wants to earn a higher income and be wealthier, but he will have to do a job that he hates and it will be meaningless like his old job. The Location and environment is important when choosing a career.

Luis has close friends and relatives in his city, so he might not decide the job in the bank. If he works in the bank he could stay in the location of his hometown, but eventually Luis will get promoted and reassigned to one of the bank’s offices in any part of the state. It can be ten miles away, ten hours away, or in the other side of the country. Luis would have to leave his family and the ones he love and face the true that he might not see his family for a long time. Luis would have to start a new life and begin a new career which will destroy him inside and tear him apart. However, if he chooses to become a teacher he can work in his hometown where he has lived for a long time. Luis ‘‘enjoyed working with the other stuff as well as the student.

He was assigned to teach at a middle school several miles away from his parents’ house i his old neighborhood’’(143) He can stay close to his family and loved ones and be in the same loving environment he grew up in. Luis have a great personality and great teaching skills. Luis also seems like the kind of guy that doesn’t mind his privacy so when he’s working, kids will constantly confront him by asking questions. This would be good for Luis self esteem because he will know that the kids are learning and he’s doing a good job teaching. Location is really important in choosing a career, it’s considerable to keep your family close, so you can be happy. Money doesn’t bring happiness when you are alone. That’s why Luis should be a teacher and stay in his hometown, close to the people he love.

Another things to think while choosing a career is knowing the benefit from it for example receiving paid vacations, health benefits, etc… As a trainee at Sunset National Bank he can only get two weeks of vacation throughout the year, which is very little time for such a tense job. If Luis gets promoted to loan officer his vacation time will increase to three weeks, that is if he passes the courses and gets the training that is required. In addition, he would have to wait at least one year- his probation period- in order to received partial medical and health benefits, although he will not receive any dental coverege’’(145). If Luis makes the right choice and decides to become a teacher he could get about three months of sweet relaxing vacation. That if Luis thinks about having children and continues to work as a teacher, then he can use that time to spend it with his children. If Luis doesn’t want to take breaks it’s okay because he can choose to work over the summer if he wants, and he can even look forward to a higher career opportunities.

Later on Luis might get the idea of becoming a principal. To get to the level of becoming a principal, Luis would need to earn a higher degree in Educational Administration, but if Luis really wants this then it shouldn’t be a problem. The benefits that a teacher receives are having a union behind them, tenure after many years working as a teacher, and you also get to use your skills, and creativity every day.“Full time teachers who are kept for three years received tenure that is they essentially cannot be fired unless the school district goes broke” (144). Overall knowing that you are going to have time for yourself or for your family just to relax and enjoy each others company without worrying about having to go to work the next day is a big issue, that’s why vacation and benefits are such important things for when making a choice, and becoming a teacher is the best choose that he can make.

The main thing that Luis should focus on is what really makes him happy, what’s going to motivate him go get up every morning and do his job. That’s why passion and job satisfaction are the main requirement for this article. Luis has always wanted to be a teacher ever since high school, even when working with little kids Luis was always looking forward to teaching every day. When he started working at the camp. ‘‘He enjoyed the experience so much that he decided teaching was for him’’(143).After he graduated he went on and got his teaching credentials and B.A. It has been ten years now since he decided to teach and now he has the chance. In contradiction Luis have never worked at a bank, and he admitted that he hates working for big corporations. At Luis’ old job the author stated,“he hated being a slave to a routine and doing work that was meaningless to him”(143). And if Luis wants to continue that type of lifestyle, where he is miserable doing a meaningless job, then he can go on and chose the bank as his career.

What Luis have to do is to follow his heart and do what he loves to do, because he knows that it is not working at a bank, it is waking up every morning knowing that he is going to influence young folks’s life by teaching them new things. Luis Cardenas has to keep in mind that all these things are what matter the most when choosing a career. Even though money is a big issue in our society, it can lead to disasters and nothing but problems, like me I had to choose I job I hated just because of the money and it was the worst experience i ever had. Unlike doing something you love while getting paid for it, money becomes your least concern; your concern will be on your student’s education and whether they are actually learning everything you are talking about. The vision of a long vacation is very high when being a teacher, unlike a banker, the chances of long vacations are very low. This is why I decide that Luis should be a teacher, it will satisfy his needs and he will live a very happy life knowing he made a difference in this world by teaching every day

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