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Luxury Eco Certification Standard Essay Sample

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Luxury Eco Certification Standard Essay Sample

“Sustainable development is the development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”. (Brundtland commission, 1987, p. 8). Nowadays, almost every single company is committed to a sustainable behavior and awareness. The Landmark hotel in London, is certainly a part of the sustainable movement. It won several awards for its sustainability policies.

For example it has received the Luxury Eco Certification Standard (GOLD), a standard specifically for the luxury hotels, which prizes the efforts to offer high-quality products and services in line with a strong environmental policy. It was also awarded for the reduction of environmental impacts with the Green Business Tourism (GOLD). Sustainable goals The Landmark London Hotel wants to make a positive difference in the world in which we live and work. For this reason, the ‘Green Team’ was created, a group of team members at all levels and departments, in charge of keeping this policy alive through different activities.

For example the group wanted to achieve zero waste to landfill and to reduce its carbon emissions. By doing this they added value to the planet according to the sustainable framework of Cavagnaro & Curiel. They decided then to implement new recycling initiatives. Five main recycling opportunities were identified: food, glass, card, mixed recycling and general waste. Labelled, colour-coded containers were installed in designated areas outside the hotel. Housekeeping teams also took part in the programme and were provided with mixed recycling and general waste bags to reduce contamination and increase recycling opportunities.

Recycling levels have risen from 30% to over 80%. They generated profit, so economic value has been added because the group has saved over ? 1,000 a month, despite rising operational and treatment costs. The last aspect is the social value. The landmark hotel is supporting a charity for children’s health care. Instead of throwing everything away, they could use products like soap or even food to help those children to have a better life. Another example for sustainable behavior of the Landmark Hotel is that it is working on placing motion detectors for lights in the public areas.

Basically the lights turn on only if you pass by the sensors, so only if somebody is inside the room or is entering in the room. They work with the movement. They reduce the costs because the light is off when nobody needs it, and the less are the costs, the more is the profit. It adds values also to the planet because in this way, less energy is used. It would be also possible to install energy-saving bulbs, especially in high consumption areas (a traditional bulb consumes 60 W, an equivalent energy-saving one 11 W).

Technically, this procedure doesn’t add extra value to the guests but they are rather unconsciously a part of the economic friendly movement. And if the guest is aware of his indirect support, the hotel has eventually added value to the people. People are not affected negatively anyway, because wherever they want to go as soon as they pass by a sensor the light will turn on. Some other sustainable goals could be related to the water. The Landmark hotel could add value to the organizational level through establishing water saving practices.

For example, they could install a laundry water recycling system to water the “green areas” and the plants of the hotel and dual flash cisterns as well as deluxe showerheads in each guest room. Obviously, the general reduce of water consumption would add economic value because the less water is used, the lower are the costs of water. This in turn, means lower costs, higher profit. In addition the Landmark hotel could add social value to the people, more to the personnel that to the guests.

The experience of the guest’s visit is not threatened by the reducing of water at all anyways. The towels for example have still the same quality although they have been washed by recycled water. Instead, the staff would be affected in a positive way. They would require less attention and less effort to the “green areas” of the hotel. Lastly, the Landmark Hotel has also added an environmental value. Overall, the Landmark Hotel can be defined as a sustainable organization although they could focus more on adding social value to the people

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