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What is the ‘8-second rule’ of the Internet and why is it important to m-commerce technology? The 8-second rule of the Internet is the rough unit measure on performance of a web server. Because most users have the ability to connect reliably and upload all websites in less than a second this rule no longer applies. Mobile users utilizing m commerce will only use it if it is faster and more convenient than the conventional way. The 8-second rule is very important to the development of m commerce technology to keep up with user/consumer demand and speed. Why might it be useful to m-commerce providers to have records of their users’ purchase histories? It would be useful to M-Commerce providers to keep records of their users’ purchase records/history to allow them to become more familiar with their customers, their needs and their habits. By M-Commerce providers having this information they are better set to know what their individual customer’s needs are and they are able to make suggestions based on their individual history.

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