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Introduction of TOPIC

HW: The essay below is a response from a student in the group to this week’s essay question. It is of a very high standard, but why? Try to evaluate the essay from a tutor’s point of view, thinking about: * Organisation * Content * Language (grammar and vocabulary)|

Identify what you feel are the main flaws in the education system in your country. Evaluate possible solutions.

Currently, the education system in China faces severe challenges because it has several problems which make the population disappointed. The experts pointed out that the problems that are the number of class hours and the quantity of homework for students. Therefore, there has some possible solutions to deal with these two main flaws, such as cut down the class hours and decrease the quantity of homework.

One of the main problems of the education system in my home country is the number of class hours. Despite the law requiring students’ school days Monday to Friday, the schools always ignore this rule. The school days begin in Monday and end in Saturday morning that students have no alternative. This makes the students having not freedom because they just have a day and an half out of school to relax themselves. The class schedule is from 8.00 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. and during this period, they have an hour and an half to take a rest when is 11.30 a.m. to 2.00 p.m. It means that a

ll the students have to spend almost the daytime to stay in their school without the free time to do

something they like. For example, if some students who are really like play football, they have to have got to go home so late like 8.00 p.m. after they finish the football game. It would be dangerous for students to stay outside so late and their parents will be worried about them.

One the other hand, another main flaw is the quantity of homework. As we know, there is too much homework for students during the school days. Especially for the high school students who have spent at least 2 hours to finish daily homework. It let them have no time to review and prepare lessons before class because they go home so late and must spent all night to do the homework that teachers think they can finish. In this way, too much homework is inefficient to students’ self study. However, in holidays there is a large amount of homework for students. In winter holidays, it is about 20 days of holidays when students have a lot of homework because the teachers give the daily homework for students to finish. This makes they cannot have a travel and lose the chance to see the world and others’ life.

The solutions to deal with these two main flaws are cut down the number of class hours and decrease the quantity of homework. Reducing the school time, like change the school day to Monday to Friday and the study schedule from 9:00 to 4:00, can give the students more free time to relax and enjoy themselves. And in this case they will have not too much pressure from study and will do better in their study. Decrease the quantity of homework, is another way to free the students. The teachers can give their students more open homework like discuss some questions with classmates or try to have an idea about something instead of paper homework. This kind of homework will give the students some independent operations and free play which is good for Stimulate innovation awareness.

To sum up, the main flaws the main flaws in the education system in China are too many class hours and the large quantity of homework. The government have to try to make sure the schools follow the rule of school time and require them to decrease the quantity of homework. With this, the quality of education must be improved.

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