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One of the main issues that Latvia has been facing during last years is the high number of those people, who have chosen to leave their native country in search of a better life. And sadly, most of these people do not return. In this essay I will discuss the 3 main reasons, why people leave Latvia.

Usually, when people are asked for reasons of this action, a popular answer is, because of a better salary. Indeed, the statistics are grim – the most common reason for leaving Latvia is because of the low salary here. Everyone wants to be well-paid for the job he is doing. And unfortunately, out there are plenty enough countries, which can pay a higher wage for a job this person is doing than Latvia. Of course, to overcome this problem Latvia could raise the level of its economy, but it is rather hard to do that if there are not enough people working and paying taxes.

No less important reason for leaving Latvia, in my opinion, is because of better social conditions. These are like government-paid medicine, free or cheaper education, higher pensions, and so on. In Latvia, especially after all the budget cuts, indicators in these areas are very poor, comparing to other EU countries. So there is no wonder that people often choose to go to countries like Germany, UK, Ireland or even Estonia.

However, there are also people, who leave Latvia for just a period of time. These are mostly young people, who simply want to improve their language skills or have praxis. And after this period of time, like 3 or 4 years, they return to Latvia with new knowledge and fresh ideas.

To conclude, I should say I believe that these 3 arguments were the main reasons, why people leave our country, because we are not located at any politically or naturally dangerous area.

According to data from the Ministry of Economics, the majority of Latvian emigrants work in Ireland. Altogether, it is estimated that some 15,000-20,000 Latvians, or according to another source about 35,000 Latvians, live and work in Ireland. In addition, approximately 15,000-20,000 Latvian people work in the United Kingdom (UK), 1,500 in Norway and Germany, 1,055 in Denmark, less than 1,000 in Sweden and about 400 in other EU countries. Latvians are assisted in finding a job abroad by private companies. Also, the state employment agency, Nodarbinātības Valsts aģentūra (NVA) provides information about job vacancies abroad. Comments have been made in the media that the NVA is more concerned with finding jobs for people abroad than in Latvia.

issues that Latvia has been facing is the high number of emigrants which has increased dramatically over the past eight years. Emigrants are people who have chosen to live permanently overseas in search of a better life. on average 30,000 Latvians leave Latvia each year. Four of seven most popular destinations for Latvians seeking a new life and better work possibilities are Ireland (with 35,000 expatriates), the United Kingdom( 15,000-20,000) Norway and Germany (1,500). The first most popular country is Ireland, where 35,000 Latvian people have settled permanently, because its not that hard to find a good job there. Why do so many people choose to leave Latvia and settle abroad? The main reasons for emigration are low salaries, and a sense of hopelessness and lack of future vision.

People leave for a short period of time, initially to earn money, but after having adapted to a new country many do not want to return. Moreover, in countries with more emigrants, Latvian schools and associations, as well as stores, are being established. The differences in wages are so extreme that people can earn significantly more by doing unskilled work abroad than in a qualified job in Latvia. So, has this led to a decline in Latian population? Yes. For a country with a shrinking and ageing 2.2m population, emigration is a serious danger. Yet official attempts to stop the demographic meltdown have been faltering..

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