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1. From the learning material, list the legislations that are relevant to this case study. Legislations have the word ‘Act’ in the title. The legislations that are relevant to this case study are:

Children and Young Persons ( Care and Protection) Act 1998 NSW Child Care Act 1991
Children Legislation Amendment (Wood Inquiry Recommendations) Act 2009 Occupational Health and safety Act 2000)
2. From the learning material, list the policies that are relevant to this case study 15 Marks One of the most important policies is to report suspected cases of child abuse and neglect to government authorities. The responsibility for the protection of children and young people from abuse and neglect belongs to everyone.

Families, the general community, community agencies, police and Government, all play a part. Roles may differ, but working in partnership, with a shared understanding of the rights of children, the need to support vulnerable families and take actions when necessary, can help build a safety net for children and young people. In this particular case study the relevant policies are: Occupational Health and Safety procedures conflict resolution and other communication processes notification of child abuse and other critical incident procedures confidentiality and privacy and security procedures duty of care

Coordination/networking with external agencies.
Generally, If identify a child as being at risk of harm a person or worker must act. 3. Discuss the information you would give to the case worker during your supervision of this situation. 20 Marks

Firstly, according to the law it is mandatory to report or disclosure behaviour which put children at risk. The caseworker shared the information with the supervisor because I understand this area and can help in decision making before it get reported to the child services. There are secrets, which are not helpful and should not be kept because they make matters worse. And this case was one of the case which could be ignored. By reporting the matter to the Children services, it was cleared that something needed to be done.

As a supervisor I had a direct responsibility to act and give consent to my caseworker to report to the child services. Eventhough, clients have the right to determine what information they consider personal and confidential. There is, however, no such thing as absolute confidentiality in the community services industry.

However, you also need to be aware of the limits to the confidentiality that you are offering. There are several instances where total confidentiality is either impossible, undesirable or illegal. These include: cases where the law requires disclosure of information which will be if the health and/or welfare of a child or young person is at risk. You are required to contact Department of Community Services and notify them of your concerns. when working in conjunction with other professionals in caring for a client

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