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A good way of maintaining records is on a computer or in a file that can be kept confidential and kept up to date. Records should be updated each time the individual is seen, either at home or in a clinical setting, you need to update the files with all medical information, opponents and outcome of any test they may have had. If information is not recorded on that individual then it is not legible. You should record, when you arrive and when leaving, what you do while there, if you need to do anything outside of their care plan and the outcome of the visit.

Describe how to ensure records are stored securely.
To make sure all records are properly secured you should have passwords on all computers and locks on all filing cabinets, making sure after every use you put paper files away and you lock your computer if you need to leave it. If you were to have visitors in the office were you secure document you should make sure you have put all away and not leave anything on show. When you have locked the cupboards you should keep the key with authorised person.

Describe how to ensure security when reading or making entries into records. When you have to make alterations to a person file you should make sure that only the authorised persons are in the room and if there is unauthorised people in the office then you should wait till they have left before getting the file out or accessing there information on the computer.

Describe any special feature of different storage systems that help to ensure security To ensure security you would have you computer network encrypted, and multiple passwords for computers you should never use the same password they should always be different, when using filing cupboards you would should have locks on them and different locks with different keys for each cupboard..

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