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a. Background of the Study
This study determines the effectiveness of malunggay as natural vitamin and to determine if the malunggay can be a good and safe vitamin. To determine whether a vitamins or natural vitamins made from malunggay veggie is comperable to the commercial or chemical products in terms of : 1.1) its taste

1.2) its price
1.3) its effectiveness
*This is also to inform and pursuade the people to buy and to have more attention to the natural vitamins than the commercial or chemical products.

B. Statement of the Problem
This is to help the other people who cant buy expensive medicines. Is Natural vitamins made from malunggay veggie more comperable to the commercial or chemical products in terms of :

1.1) taste?
1.2) price?
1.3) effectiveness?

Significance of the Study
These days, teenagers are curious about their healthiness. This SIP can help them to become more stronger so that they won’t worry to their healthiness. Artists
Artist, from these days i know they were a lot stressed because of their tapings and im sure this can help them to become more cheerful. Workers
Workers, in every day of their lives im sure they are always tired because of their works and also my SIP can help them to work hard better.

These days, children are so playful and so cheerful. Because of that, they need my malunggay veggie that can help them to become more cheerful and more active. Buyers or Consumers

It is important to them because instead of selling expensive and commercial products/medicine, they can sell it in cheaper price than the other commercial products so that many people will buy medicine to them. Definition of terms:

Vitamins- one of several organic substances occurring naturally in foods, which are essential for good health.

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