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The relationship between people and nature is interdependent. Nature provides us with all kinds of resources which are indispensable to our existence. Without nature, people could not live. We need air, water, sunshine, food and so on. On the other hand, human also belong to the nature, nature also needs human. As a consequence, if we destroy the nature, in some extent, we will diminish ourselves.

Nature is a mighty force. All species are the result of natural selection. Human is no exception. We can adjust nature or in part alter nature, but we cannot conquer nature. Conquering will certainly bring devastation. We have to pay for our triumph. It now threatens our life and even our existence. We must learn and strive to co-exist with nature, because it provides us with the vital things for our lives. There is no way we may conquer nature.

Human occupation of animal’s territory might cause species extinction. Lands are cultivated for human uses, which mean animals have fewer places to live. The noise of city life will drive some animals away. Woods will be fallen down for constructions. There will be less food for the animals. In this case, the number of animals will decrease steadily as urbanization goes on. Some weak or small species will definitely be doomed to extinction.

The global warming is one of the most apparent environmental changes. The average temperature rises in comparison with that of the past. Weather changed greatly. We have more floods and sand storms. People suffer from extremely cold and hot weather, which did not exist in the past. Natural resources decrease rapidly. Forests disappear with high speed. The sea is not clear any more. All these are environmental changes we can observe.

There are a lot of factors causing environmental pollution. Developed industry is an important one. It takes up a lot of land which used to be farmland and forests, thus it reduces the area of plants. I think the main reason is that people don’t pay much attention to environment. They only want to get more and more from environment without considering the consequences. So they pour waste water into rivers, let out poisonous gas into the air, and throw litter all around. They simply neglect all the consequences that their behavior may lead to. And that they want is profit. They won’t consider their descendants. They have no ideas of environmental protection.

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