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Induction is a process which starts when a new member of staff is brought into an organisation it is not restricted to new staff Internal appointments may need a period of induction to help them adjust to new tasks in a changed working environment through induction organisations are able to maintain and improve standards of care and support The benefits of an induction programme for staff are that it enables someone to be a useful integrated member of a team through a gradual learning process. Rather than being thrown in at the deep end without the proper knowledge required to do the job or the understanding of how the job fits in with the rest of the organisation .it is also serves as a first stage in the succession planning process in order to facilitate a smooth transition in the future should certain staff leave the organisation. Individuals (service users ) are central to the service delivery.

In relation to individuals accessing care services within the organisation, an induction interview upon entry is important in introducing and familiarising a client to the services and generally making them feel informed and welcome after the process. 1.2 identify information and support materials that are available to promote effective induction In creating an induction programme it is necessary to consider matters common across the whole organisation before considering specific requirements for particular roles within the Gables care home we currently have an induction process specifically tailored to our different areas of work.

The social care induction framework was introduced in 2012 as a result of the care standards act 2000 other frameworks for induction are readily available but none are specifically geared towards the care sector as this one The way this induction is framed encourages staff to develop a learning culture as hey work through learning objectives over the initial 12 weeks of work. The standards are designed contain a number of areas of knowledge that care workers need to know before they can work unsupervised .managers have a duty to ensure new staff know enough to meet the required outcomes in each knowledge area.

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