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Explain how the action plan has helped support own development over the duration of the programme. In order to answer this criterion I will be explaining how the action plan has helped support my development over the duration of the programme. During the BTEC Health & Social Care programme I have gained great knowledge and that is something I did not think I could achieve. I have learned to research on certain subjects and gather so much information in order to complete assignments and tasks.

This will help me to go university and study the course of my choice. Even the targets I have set for myself have helped me to be more serious about my career path and my future. Setting the action plan has helped me to apply for university through UCAS; I have also learned how to write my personal statement and my curriculum vitae. I have realised that my teachers and friends have been a great support towards all this and motivated in every way possible. The targets I have set for myself have helped me gain certain skills which will help me enormously. I have gained great work experience within the health and social care sector. I believe my voluntary work will also give me great experience and help me to get into university. I have received great support in order to achieve good qualifications and I understand that there are different routes for everything we do in life.

Whilst I was on this programme my behaviour and attitude towards everything has become positive even though it was quite negative sometimes. Since I had set myself an action plan my punctuality, attendance and time management have improved. I always attend every class and on time and make sure I make time for both my college work and social life. I have managed to hand in assignments, focus on the importance of this programme and my future. I dedicate myself more to this programme and I have gained great communication skills. Reference can be very supportive: I feel very proud of myself that I have come all this way, very motivated and happy. M3) Reflect on own experience and use three examples to explain links between theory and practice. In this criterion I will be reflecting on my experience and use three example to explain links between theory and practice using Gibbs reflective cycle. The first example I will be using to link to this criterion is Numeracy, the second one will be work experience and the third one will unit 5.

Example 1: Numeracy
1. Description: I was not to bad at numeracy skills. Every time I had an upcoming exam I would panic and think I would fail. Numeracy was a subject I never really understood much but I tried my best in every aspect of the area. 2. Feelings: I was very nervous and scared whenever it came to numeracy exams or mini practice tests. I hardly think positive but try in order to achieve something; otherwise I would, feel really low and not motivated enough to get a good grade. 3. Evaluation: Overall I achieved a level 1 in numeracy. The thing that was good about this experience is that I learn something at least even if its not that huge, I also get another chance and practice well to improve my grades and the bad thing about this experience is that I hate numeracy and when I get hard questions I often give up.

4. Analysis: I am actually proud of myself because I didn’t think I could achieve anything in numeracy after my grades went downhill in secondary school. However, I managed to achieve a level 1 which was great and I will improve this by revising and paying more attention in maths class and complete the work that has been set for me. 5. Conclusion: I could have done more practice tests on paper or online to test my own knowledge and learn from my mistakes. 6. Action plan: I can try to practice more on the harder questions for example I am not very good with fractions, So maybe I can work more on that. Pay more attention in class and try to complete tasks and work sheets which are given to me. Example 2: work experience

1. Description: My first work placement in college was with students within the college who had additional needs. I worked with students from all different ages who additional needs; each and every one of them was very different. They all had their character and they I enjoyed my time there. Both the staff and students made me feel very welcome. 2. Feelings: At first I felt nervous and scared but everyone at the work placement made me feel so welcomed that I didn’t want to go. The two weeks I had there went by very fast and I didn’t want to leave. Sometimes I did feel threatened by the students because they would act in way I didn’t appreciate towards me. 3. Evaluation: The good thing about this experience was that I was treated with respect and like a member of staff and the students really liked me. However, the bad thing about this experience was that one of the staff members was sometimes very careless whenever I wanted my work experience diary signed and the students were often very hard work.

4. Analysis: I enjoyed doing work experience with these students, I even thought for a minute if maybe that was the right career path for me. I was very good and achieved different skills during my time there. But I don’t think I will choose this as my career path because it’s not something I actually want to do. 5. Conclusion: I think that I could have taken my role a bit more serious because I didn’t inform a member of staff about one the students behaviour towards myself and that I didn’t appreciate the way I was being ignored when I asked to get my diary signed. 6. Action plan: Furthermore, if this kind of situation arose again I will speak up instead of being silent and get things sorted out as soon as possible. I will also make sure people take me more serious.

Example 3: Unit 5
1. Description: Unit 5 was about the fundamentals of anatomy and physiology this unit obviously involves science which I am not very good at. I believed that I could not achieve this unit and this scared me a lot but I tried my best and did what I could do. This unit also involves the functioning of the body systems associated with energy metabolism and the homeostatic mechanisms. 2. Feelings: I felt very worried, nervous and anxious when I was completing this unit. I am not very good with science and the body functioning systems. 3. Evaluation: the good thing about this experience is that I achieved something and learned about how the body functions and the different organs and what they do. They bad thing about this experience was that I did not complete the unit at my best ability and I know I could have done better.

4. Analysis: I started this assignment off thinking I wasn’t going to pass but I managed to at least achieve something. I believe I could have put more hard work and effort into my assignment. 5. Conclusion: I think that I could have done better and asked more help from my teachers in order to achieve this unit. I could have also managed my time well and do more research. 6. Action plan: If this kind of situation arose again I will do more research, use books, ask teacher for help if needed instead of struggling and handing the assignment in late.

Evaluate own development over the duration of the programme In order to answer this criterion I am going to evaluate personal development over the duration of the programme, how well I have developed and why I have developed more in some areas and less in others. During the time of this programme I have gained a lot of knowledge, I am able to research appropriate periodicals, websites, books and other references to draw together the required information. I have become more independent, I am able to work without supervision in unfamiliar surroundings and make a full contribution. My communication skills have also increased greatly, I am able to cooperate with others, make a variety of contributions to help the group achieve its goals and I understand that every individual is different, has different needs and feelings/behaviour.

There is so much I have developed during this programme and it makes me feel proud of myself. I have the ability to know what is wanted, to negotiate assertively (not aggressively) and to come to a mutually agreed outcome. I believe that I am calm and can manage something’s on my own. I have become a better person in life and more mature about what I want to do in my future and serious. Furthermore, I believe that in some areas I have developed better and less in others because of my ability of understanding. For example in the area of some assignments such as unit 5, I have developed very well because it involved science and I was very competent in science but I developed more in equality and diversity because of my understanding, I believe that I am fair and don’t discriminate against others for whatever reason. I believe that everyone is equal and has human rights. My career choice has always been social worker even after I started this programme it never changed.

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