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Throughout the course of this week the objectives covered, the objectives are to compare and contrast leadership assumptions, evaluate the weakness and the strengths of established leadership styles and to evaluate the efficiency of replacements for leadership (Robbins & Judge, 2011). These objectives this week were very interesting, mainly because leadership is a very characteristically important trait to possess. The leadership assessment, “What is my leadership style” expressed a two alternatives to viewing leadership such as, “operational and personnel” and understanding every aspect, and all the components fully. It is personally thought that most managers, who in my previous professional career, have not basically understood that concept very well. However, in the current employment career that I have chosen it is believed that possibly some of the managers and supervisors in the particular field may understand the full concept.

To truly reflect on this week’s objectives one must incorporate the power-points. I truly enjoyed the discussion on whether operational change had a major effect on today’s society and some companies, or whether or not they were using the ideals of the employees and focusing on those ideals as the manager’s own ideals. I believe that some managers do take the ideals of their employees and incorporate them in the initial plan. However, I also believe that some managers do just vaguely steal the ideals of their employees. In the assigned power-point presentation, I believed that it was considered to be very relatable.

I enjoyed the power-point presentation because it allowed the group to truly formulate strategies used in everyday life to achieve a common goal which will increase future profit sales. In my present job, there is a vast amount of “suggestive selling” that must take place to ensure that the members of the credit union can get the best customer as well as a family experience. So this topic was very refreshing to discuss among the group. I believed that this week’s objectives were not difficult to comprehend; I also believe that these objectives stated will be used in everyday life not only in Business but also growing managerial positions.

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