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1. Submit the peer evaluation report for the evaluations you received from your team members.

1. Evaluate your personal and team performance in the simulation based on the peer evaluation report by doing the following:
2. Discuss howone of your strengths can be utilized in the workplace.
3. Discuss how you can improve uponone of your weaknesses in the workplace.
4. Discuss your role on the team.
5. Discuss the strengths of your team as a whole.
6. Discuss the weaknesses of your team as a whole.
7. Explain how you interacted with your team.
8. Explain how you overcame challenges you faced as a team.
9. Discuss what teamwork advice you would give to others who were beginning to work on the simulation.
10. Discuss the relevance of teamwork in the simulation to the context of your professional

Task 2

1. Describe the impact the company strategy had on your functional area in the simulation.
2. Reflect on the decisions that were made in the simulation by doing the following:

Note: Your reflection may include graphs and other data.

1. Discuss decisions that you would change.

1. Discuss decisions that had a positive impact.
3. Present your strategic outlook for your functional area in the simulation.

1. Recommend future decisions for your functional area in the simulation.
1. Submit the attached “Assignment Designation Form.”
1. Discuss the overall performance of the business compared to competitors using the financial reports from the simulation by doing the following:

Note: The financial reports should be included as supplementary documentation but will not be evaluated.

1. Analyze the following financial statistics:

Return on sales (ROS)

Return on assets (ROA)

Return on equity (ROE)

– Leverage



2. Analyze the financial standing of the company based on the following data:
Cash flow statement

– Current ratio

Balance sheet

Income statements

3. Analyze the company’s stock price based on the following data:  Ending stock price


Earnings per share

Band rating (if applicable).

Task 3

1. Develop a written recommendation for your client that holistically addresses the problem or business need by doing the following:
1. Explain the problem or business need that your recommendation will seek to solve.
2. Analyzethreedifferent functional areas (e.g., leadership, human resources, eBusiness, marketing, economics) that might be contributing to the issue.
1. Recommend a solution that includes thethreefunctional areas.
1. Recommend implementation resources for your recommended solution.
1. Create a timeline for the solution implementation.

1. Analyze the long-term financial and organizational impact of the recommendation.

1. Provide a log of time spent with the client.

Note: This log should be a table log of each meeting with your client and include a brief description of what occurred in each meeting.

1. Create a final report for your manager reflecting on the experience working with the client, the simulations, and the other assessments you have worked through in the MBA program by doing the following:

1. Discussfivelessons learned from the simulations and other assessments that helped you resolve your client’s problem.
2. Developthree SMARTlong-term professional goals.
3. Reflect on how the lessons you learned during your MBA training at WGU support your professional goals

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