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An engineering company
30 years in the business in Brisbane area
Has increasingly developed during those years
Workforce of 180
Software employees of 10-12
Work arrangement in the software
department: adaptable environment, casual
atire, job sharing

Management’s Resolution
• Derive its software unit and create it as a stand-alone business entity
• This will allow as to be more adaptable and resourceful, innovative and productive
• In this manner, we will also be able to continue and sustain our self-sufficiency while still being a segment of the PURA group

WIFM What’s in it for Me
• The fresh company will have an isolated sites, within short distance from the head office at Brisbane City Council Green Square
• The new firm will be called PURA-IT
• The committee of the new body will the same staff members
• The new firm will remain as a vital part of PURA’s array of services

New structure
• I will stay as your team leader in the new structure
• The current senior manager from PURA will join our team as the CEO and business manager
• The CEO will be provided of support from the administrative department by a small group of experts

New Structure
• Services have been established for the premises, yet the workplace are still to be fixed
• We will have a voice in the design of the new site so all your suggestions will be well accepted
• Preliminary work will be done in the office, so working from home will be eradicated for the time being
• This will support us to guarantee that we will be capable of setting up a new culture for our new surroundings and remain a rational work team

New Structure
• The new structure will be pertinent within 10 business days to to make even the start of the the new financial year
• All employee entitlements and employment accretions will pass on to the new firm
• New employment contracts will be made as we will be under a different company

New Structure
• Everyone will be offered an employment contract of 12-month period
• The current staff has the option of repositioning to the new unit or to remain with PURA and will be set out to another division

Benefits of Joining PURA-IT
• A signing bonus of $1500 for all the staff who are interested in working with PURA-IT
• An additional bonus of $4500 will be provided for those who are willing to to sign an employment contract of 12 months with the new entity

• What modification are recommended by us to the current policy and procedures?
• What latest technology do we necessitate to expand workflow?
• What sort of spaces for work need to be utilised in the new office office space?
• Important: Please keep this information confidential until the announcement of the board tomorrow.

Your comments and decisions about joining the new company will be significant to us. Your response will be very much appreciated. You can see in me in person to discuss about the matter or submit to me in writing

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