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Movies are entertaining, but some movies can have a negative effect on their audience. Little children may watch animated movies on their favorite superhero, which does supernatural things, or on some other character they admire, like Mickey Mouse, who does all sorts of things that are not possible in real life. These movies can lead children into thinking that they too can do all these things. This could lead to horrific results. This could be murder of somebody as seen in movies.

Our youth is always filled with enthusiasm and always wants adventure in their life. So the best source of their queries is the movies, in which they idealize their personality like there are different categories of movies some are fantasy which takes the viewer to super natural world while some are based on actions which show violence that effects the little immature brain of youth and the child thinks that its right and he tries to implement on somebody and in response he could be injured severely. Like a case in India which a lead 17 year boy being a criminal.

According to police officials, the 17-year-old arrested for kidnapping and murdering his childhood friend, is spinning a new tale every day. Having changed his version twice already, cops suspect he has been inspired by Bollywood movies.

So you have seen that this boy inspired by the film got involved in crimes. Some of the kids are very emotional and if they don’t see the latest film of their favorite hero they even die.

The reason why Our youth steps for violence is there carelessness in sense that they just see the title but not studies the review because the in this era there is shortage of time and some of them intentionally ignore the reviews of famous critics who rate the films under the categories of 3+,everyone(E),Teen ,PG(parental guidance)and 18+.considering these points a 12 year kid is watching the movie which is categorize as 18+ would have a bad impact and he will think that he Shah rukh khan who always save the heroine from villain or the bad guys like Bohman Irani in DON2 and he can hijack the whole DZB bank with a clever guys plan. What kind of joke is that? No one can save a heroine from 50 thugs armed with guns and the hero kills all of them and he didn’t got a scratch. This cannot happen in real life.

That’s why I am saying that before viewing these sorts of movies there should be some parental guidance because there’s abuse language and some scenes that a kid must not see. If these types of things revolve around his mind he would turn up into an evil thug.

But rather than showing them violence movies there are some educational or moral films so that a child could learn something from it. That’s why I am in not favor of the above statement.

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