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Mapua Institute of Technology Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

In recent years, the Philippines has been struck by strong typhoons and heavy rains with casualties of thousands and damage to property amounting to more than billions of pesos. The Philippines is a locus of typhoons and heavy rains being situated on the typhoon belt and also being a tropical country, adding to that the effects of global warming. As a response to President Aquino’s instructions, the Nationwide Operational Assessment of Hazards (NOAH) was launched by the Department of Science and Technology to provide an accurate warning system using advance technology and multi-disciplinary science to give accurate predictions of rains, tropical depression and flooding to areas around the country thus saving lives that may have been affected if the weather had not been properly forecasted. Statement of the Problem

The general objective of this study is to determine the effectiveness and efficiency of the PROJECT NOAH in providing assistance for the public. Also this study aims to determine the accuracy of Project NOAH in providing assistance and assessment to disaster prevention and warning against possible floods, typhoons and other disasters. The researchers sought to answer the following questions:

1. What problems do the users of the Project NOAH usually encounter? 2. What are the causes these pro

blems? 3. What are the possible solutions for these problems? 4. How aware is the public

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regarding the implementation of the said Project? 5. How aware is the public regarding the use and importance of Project NOAH? These questions will be answered through the following specific objectives: 1. Survey an ample number of respondents and gather data regarding their awareness of the said project and/or the degree of help the Project Noah has provided or has been providing them. 2. Compare the number of positive and negative responses. 3. Site the problems encountered by the users.

4. Provide suggestions as to how these problems would be avoided.
5. Provide a conclusion based on how the Project Noah has been effective and efficient. Significance of the Study

This study will provide a general evaluation on project NOAH based on its effectiveness and efficiency and is thus significant to the following: The Government. The proposed study will serve as an evaluation on their program and will help them analyze as to where they need to improve, change, or remove certain aspects of the project. To the Public. The proposed study will raise awareness on Project Noah. To Future Researchers. The proposed study will serve as a guide for future researchers and as a reference material in their work. Scope and Limitation

This study focuses on Project NOAH’s rainfall and weather prediction capability, the rain warning system, and the interface of the website, if it has been effective as well as efficient, since its launch on July 2012, for citizens to know the weather for the next hour, or even the next few hours with great accuracy, and also if the citizens are aware of the Project NOAH itself. Effective, meaning the project helped improve the country’s weather forecast system, if the website of the project NOAH is the place where Filipinos would go if they did not catch the news about the weather, and if it provided accuracy on predicting the weather. Efficient, meaning the citizens would think this multi-billion peso project of the Philippine government is not a waste of funds.

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