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Maria Montessori Essay Sample

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Maria Montessori Essay Sample

Maria Montessori’s life was definitely one that leads by example. She was a woman that had a job plan on mind but once seeing the needs of children that were deemed hopeless she put her wants aside. Montessori was a woman that changed the World of Children because she cared about there being enough to find their potential and set a foundation for success. Maria Montessori was born on August 31, 1870 in Ancona, Italy. Her father worked as a civil servant throughout his life and her mother who came from an academic family, was well educated for a 19th-century European woman. When Montessori was five years old her along with her family moved to Rome. Upon turning 12 Montessori decided she wanted to enroll in technical school for secondary education. Her father was not a fan of this decision because he felt that Women should be restricted to only learning certain subjects but her mother didn’t mind the idea because she believed in letting her child explore her natural inclination to learn. Her mother’s viewpoints have played a big role in the philosophy behind Montessori education. Once graduating technical school Maria was more interested in the study of medicine instead of engineering.

Montessori attended University for two years receiving a diploma allowing her to apply to the College of Medicine within the University of Rome. Montessori was accepted into medical school in 1892 much to everyone’s surprised because women weren’t admitted to the school during this time. It is not clear on how she got admitted into the University exactly but there are a lot of theories floating around. Throughout medical school Maria had to overcome a lot of challenges because she was a woman, for example; she had to do many assignments on her own at night after class and was always struggling with pressure and opposition. After overcoming the obstacles put in place by her classmates Montessori gained respect from her teachers and was awarded for her work in pathology also later winning a position as an assistant in the University hospital in 1895. This position gave her the opportunity for clinical experience where she worked in psychiatric clinics, as well as hospitals, including one for children while she also studied pediatrics.

In June of 1896 Montessori graduated top of her class specializing in surgery as well as diseases of women and children, thus become the first women in Italy to be a certified medical doctor. While fulfilling her duties as a doctor Montessori continued to research in psychiatric medicine which involved observing children that had been placed in asylums. Once observing these children Montessori couldn’t help but realize these children had potential even though their families and others see none. Through her research Montessori came drawn to the conclusions that three men had made individually, Jean-Marc-Gaspard Itard and Edouard Sequin believed that children with mental disabilities were capable of more than people thought and all they needed was education more so than treatment. Jacob Rodriquez Periera believed in people learning by using their senses and most importantly the sense for touch. After studying these ideas Montessori set out to design as well as adapt material that would help children learn how to learn. She did this through observing each child individually, showing a child how to do a specific task and then giving them the opportunity to repeat the task as often as the child wanted. With the realizations she had from watching children and researching other peoples findings the Montessori approach to education came into existence.

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