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Introduction of TOPIC

Marijuana use and the ability to freely choose whether or not it should be legal or illegal is fierce debate today. Whether or not State or Federal government should regulate this is the “hot topic” that is being debate even as we speak. There are two sides to every story and of course my opinion as well.

The side that opposes the legalization of marijuana stands tall with the National Institute on Drug Abuse and with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. This side defines marijuana use comparatively to substance abuse that includes mind altering drugs. The thought of “mind-altering” drugs scares many. This fear of allowing such a substance to run public creates a fear that it ultimately puts other members of the public in danger. One area of debate is among motorists. Alcohol and other mind-altering substances have proven to be deadly to non-using motorists and impose a direct danger of one’s safety. The debate that this mind-altering state can impose dangers in reaction time, motor skills, sight, hearing and memory and could ultimately lead to the harm of others is the main defense of this side of the debate.

The other side is lead by many organizations with research that attempt to prove otherwise.

According to the organization: Drug Wars Facts, marijuana does not pose an immediate risk to others

and the mere fact that other legal substances prove to be more dangerous give them the right to petition this view that the federal government has over the use of marijuana. It was recorded that 2.4 million deaths occurred last year. Out 2.4 million, tobacco related deaths were 435,000, which tobacco is addictive and yet it is legal. Out of 2.4 million deaths alcohol related fatalities reached 85,000. Marijuana related deaths were 0, yes zero. 7,600 deaths resulted as a direct result of prescribed anti-inflammatory drugs such that as what is considered a safe product: Asprin This is the main reason for the debate in legalization of marijuana, that in defense to National Institute on Drug Abuse and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and other various organizations that marijuana does not pose risk to the public or the persons well-being.

I personally do not object to the legalization of marijuana. I would have to agree with the legalization activists, that someone under the mind-altering affects does not impose risk whether it is sexually, violently or of a risk-taking nature to anyone else. I think that alcohol, bad diet, genetic disease, and vehicle related fatalities far out weight any fatality than one associated by the use of marijuana. Marijuana may be “mind-altering” and may be classified as “addictive” but with the fact that deaths from overdose, sexual related crimes and crimes of a violent nature are not associated with the use of marijuana this tells us that it is rather considered to be a “safe” drug. Ultimately our Federal Government has the ultimate say in whether or not it should or should not be controlled yet many feel that if things like tobacco and alcohol are legal yet regulated then why isn’t marijuana legal and regulated as well? If one were to intake THC on a daily basis versus one who consumes fast food daily who do you believe will result in long term health problems? I say let the nation that’s “free” decide what should be regulated or not.

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