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Introduction of TOPIC

I looked up Mr. Cuban under that textbooks information and one other sites and asked my friend what she thought about him while she found information other places and much to my surprise she found not one good thing to say about this man while i found him to be determined supportive and coach worthy for something he loved while running a billion dollar business. I guess who you get your information from is what will sculpt your first impression of somebody.

1. I think hes a devoted person and obviously does not hold himself higher than other to allow himself down at the bottom with the rest of mankind instead of up in his swanky box seats. This also has a huge effect on his team and their rates now.

2. Type A, always working and benefiting something

3. He started his money making by crazy thing at a incredibly young age, locus of control is to the extent which individuals believe that they can control events for themselves. Internal meaning their life by their own actions which Mark obviously never gives up an opportunity to do so for himself.

4. I see surgency as him, a person with a positive outlook/effect with high levels of authority.

5. I say positive. How is it negative at all? He isn’t being absurd or disturbing anyone and his presence has only helped everyone involved. I believe other people’s anger is jealousy.

6. Changing himself would be crazy to me. Now he has no control to change the commissioner with a snap of a finger so I’d have to say the situation. maybe he could find a way to handle some situations with the commissioner a little different to make him more happy and fewer publicity events for the Mavericks since everyone has turned such a thing negative.

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