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Market research for proposed PC game Essay Sample

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Market research for proposed PC game Essay Sample

1. Introduction

I am sending you this report to show you the results of the questionnaire, which will make clear to you that this game, if made, would sell very well.

2. Results

2.1: Question 1: Do you own a computer?

As you can see 90% out of the 30 people questioned own a computer, which is above what I expected. This is a positive outcome, as we want to produce the game mainly for the P.C.

2.2: Question 2: Do you play games on your computer?

100% of people who own computers play on them. The 10% on the graph overleaf are showing the people who don’t own a computer, so they can’t play on it.

2.3: Question 3: Do you buy games for your computer?

This is another promising result as a high 70% of people buy games for their computer. As you see in graph 2.2 90% of people play games on their computers but only 70% buy games. You are probably wondering how they manage this. With most computer operating systems e.g. Windows, now come with basic games like Solitaire and Minesweeper. Also games can now be downloaded from the Internet for free.

2.4: Question 4: How many games do you buy a year?

This graph shows that 33% of people buy 3-4 games a year. 20% of people either don’t buy any games or buy 1-2 games a year.

2.5: Question 5: How much money would you spend on a game?

This graph shows us that 47% of people spend about �21-�30 on computer games, so referring back to graph 2.4 which shows us that 33% of people buy 3-4 games a year this works out that �63-�120 is spent approximately each year by one person on computer games. 0% of people would buy a game for below �10 because it wouldn’t be a decent game. Decent P.C games retail nowadays for �29.99. Console games cost about �40, but they do vary. Also 0% of people would spend over �40 for a computer game which is just ‘ripping’ the customer off.

2.6: Question 6: What type of game do you prefer?

This graph shows that FPS (First Person Shooter) e.g. Quake and Doom are the preferred game with 26%. RTS (Real Time Strategy) which is the proposed genre for the game was 2nd favourite with 17%.

2.7: Question 7: Where do you find out about new games?

A magazine has 57% and is the most common place people find out about new games, partly because most magazines have pages just for adverts and computer magazines tell you and show you screenshots of the game months before it is to be released. Word of mouth, TV, Radio, Billboards, Newsletters all received 0%.

2.8: Question 8: Where do you buy your games?

23% of people normally buy their games at PC World. While 20% of people prefer to order their game through the post or shop at Game. Sadly 0% of people buy their games at Comet, Curry’s or Our Price. I feel this is because PC World specialises in computer software and hardware and Game specialises in games for the P.C and other consoles. While Comet, Curry’s and Our Price sell games but also these stores sell a lot of other electrical appliances for all around the house.

2.9: Question 9: Do you have the Internet?

90% of people questioned have the Internet, 100% of people with computers have the Internet. I asked this question to lead on to my next question (below).

2.10: Question 10: Do you play on-line?

47% of people who have the Internet don’t play on-line and 43% of people do as you can see above, this is quite a close margin almost 50-50. I wanted to know this because we could have an on-line option on the game if a fairly high percentage of people do play on-line.

2.11: Question 11: Gender?

As you can see 80% of the people who own computers and play games are male and only 20% are female. I hoped this question would give me some more ideas too what could be put into the game if more females owned computers.

2.12: Question 12: Age?

37% of the people questioned were aged between 16-20 and 23% were aged between 11-15. These were the ages I was thinking about aiming the game for, before I did the questionnaire. These two sets of ages have a higher percentage because they have more time to play on the computer. They’re not working all day like 26-30 and 30+. 5-10 also has a small percentage because they are not interested in playing on a computer at that age and would have difficulty working it.


On this graph I have put all the results together so you can see that people whom don’t buy games for their computer prefer puzzle and on-line games because these games are installed on your P.C. Also you can see that it’s mostly females who prefer simulation and arcade games. Men prefer more violent games like FPS’s and RTS’s. You can also see that people who play on the Internet also shop on-line. People who find out about new games in magazines may buy them through mail order.


I recommend that the game is just made for the P.C first and if it sells well which it probably will, then it could be produced for the Dreamcast, PS2 and maybe the Xbox. The game should be sold at �29.99. It should be packaged in a small plastic box (DVD cases). The game should be an RTS because the game play would be easier, but at some points could become a FPS. The game could also benefit from an on-line options so players can go on the Internet and play. This would be a totally different experience from the off-line game. I would recommend that you advertise the game in all computer game magazines, and in some computer electrical magazines.

Also advertise on the internet, as you can see from the graph above only a small percentage of people find out about new games on the Internet, but the Internet is attracting more people everyday. The game should be sold from every possible place that wants to sell it from their store. It can’t harm us if not very many are sold at Our-Price or Comet. I feel the game would be aimed at the male style of gaming and should have an age limit of 11+, which is what the questionnaire showed and also we would be able to make the game more realistic with blood, etc. Also I think there should be a parent lock so parents can ‘turn off’ the blood.

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