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Discuss the ethics of allowing advertising in schools. Is there an appropriate age in which advertising could be considered? Advertising should not be allowed in schools. The reason it shouldn’t be allowed is that it directly affects children that haven’t developed the intelligent capabilities, mental ability or maturity to make educated consumer decision. I think an appropriate age in which advertising could be considered would be age 18 because young people at this age is capable of accepting responsibility for their actions.

What are the benefits and drawbacks to advertising products within schools? Advertising is the most important tool in the marketing of products and services. There are many benefits of advertising which include: Advertisement about new products keeps the customer informed about the new developments in the industry. They help to provide them information regarding the newly launched products. The main drawback of advertising products within schools is the cost associated with producing advertisements. Ads can be misleading or make false statements about products and services. Ads sometimes overstate the usefulness or effectiveness of products and services, which can lead consumers to make decisions based on bad information.

What other facts would you need to make a decision and how might your decision affect the stakeholders? First, I would want information about the nature of the product being advertised. Is it a luxury or a product of essential use to school children? Second, I would like to know the pricing of the product. Is it overpriced? How does it compare with other such products in the market? Third, what is the nature of the message? Is it purely informative, is it persuasive, or is it emotional? My decision may affect the stakeholders because from an ethical stance it may be very difficult to capture the image being portrayed to the public and may not match the internal reality.

Discuss alternative marketing practices which could be ethical and help the schools to raise money. The alternative marketing practices that could be ethical to help the school raise money would be to have essential supplies that can be marketed through the school authorities. For example, school uniform, books and computer supplies can be sold through the school authorities. Schools can participate in incentive programs where a school receives funds to take part in a specific activity such as collecting box tops. Schools can raise money by allowing the news program to continue in classrooms through Channel One, advertise on school busses and participate in marketing research studies like Coca-Cola or Pepsi products.

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