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Marketing management and campaign strategies for a business’s sales product is the primary key of the products sales success. How a company portrays its product is how the customer or potential customer will view the product during the duration of that specific products lifetime. As Apple is one of the most popular and well known items world-wide, performing an analysis of their marketing strategies will help other marketers to understand exactly where to start, what information to gather and exactly how to move forward with the information that has been provided based on specific information and demographics. By also looking at Apple’s competition we can determine what areas they need to work on to improve their products and if their competition is in fact a competitor that needs to be watched for potential Apple customer gains. “The Marketing Era was characterized by increasing professional specialization in the marketing discipline, with an emphasis on managerial decision-making, quantitative analysis, and recognition of the societal aspects of marketing (Bartels, 1976)”. Apple electronics has a very large and very diverse inventory to meet every type of customers’ needs whether their electronics is for educational purposes, business purposes or strictly for personal use.

Among the different types of products there is also a vast production of accessories and downloadable material that can or will coincide with the purchase of your Apple electronic device. The most popularly used devices among today’s society and technological world are the Apple I-pads and Apple I-phones. Perhaps the most anticipated item of the decade is the I-phone 5.As the majority of our nation’s main goal is to stay up with technology we can assume the hype of new technology will continue to be the main priority of sales growth among the Apple electronic, Hence the reason why so many people are or will be waiting in line for the I-phone 5. It’s silly to think that a person is do desperate for the new piece of technology but to them it’s the main growth and future of staying involved more quickly as accurately with the community, social networks and business worlds around them. Moving forward we will discuss the overall goals and the many marketing strategies that Apple uses to draw in their current and potential customers.

According to the Marketing Mixx article that was posted to the Internet on August 23rd of last year “The main goal of the company is to work in a group across the world with the strategy of enhancement of the technological products and launched for the customers by the medium of distribution. All above the main focus of the company is to extend it product globally for telecommunications, personal computers, and technology oriented products.” (Marketing Mixx) As with any product we have to look at potential weaknesses as well as the strengths of these products to determine how to go about marketing each product to play to its strengths rather than its weaknesses. Some of Apple’s strengths that sets it apart from everyone else is their creation of futuristic looking products, the touch screens (eventually hands free), The unique ways they advertise making the object so desirable and the fair pricing for such a product that has so much potential to be more expensive.

One of their main strengths is the ability to gather and analyses data based on demographics of the surrounding areas including gender, age, current trends, and families with children and local competition within that specific area and use that information to speak directly to those individuals in a way that coincides with those demographics. They use these strengths is such a unique and modern way that it have given Apple a well-known name for itself that has the population wanting their products. Their weaknesses consist of the probability of touch screen issues, resolution issues, and in the event of a catastrophic event, complete shut-down of all devices (unfortunately this is true with any electronic device). Apple has unlimited possibilities in terms of creation of new products, accessories and services as their advancements in technology seem near limitless. However, they do have many competitors that have capabilities of keeping up with Apple’s technology and refuse to bow out as a competitor.

Dell, Toshiba, and Sony are a few of these competitors that are steadily coming up with new products and services to try and gain those Apple customers that are on the fence or unhappy with their current products. By using the four P’s of Marketing we can review more information on an in-depth basis. With the first of these being product we know that Apple electronics are steadily improving or work on ways to steadily improve their products. The allow for automatic IOS update to keep the phone settings as up to date as possible as well as to keep it running smoothly and to prevent possible programming or run time errors. On top of that they constantly create additional products such as phone cases, ear phones, i-pad cases, i-cloud back up system and storage, wall and car chargers, i-pod arms band docs for running or working out among many other useful tools and accessories offered for their main or well- known products. The second of these is known as price, which tends to change and move with the economic fluctuations. They are able to maintain a stable yet fair price stream in every type of environment throughout the United States as well as the countries that it works with overseas such as Canada, China, Germany and Japan being the main contenders.

The prices of each product change based on previous products and introduction to new products and specific market favors at that time. For example: When the new I-pad came out, Apple reduced the price of the older version to compensate for the increased price or production and sales of the newer version of the I-pad with upgraded features etc. As the newer version of the I-pad was the current trend among society, most choose to pay the higher price for the newer product. You can see this technique among most electronic companies. As mentioned previously to describe the place of this product, we know that Apple has pretty much expanded world-wide and is well known for its technological devices world-wide. Expansion into Asia and the United Kingdom were two of the greatest expansions that Apple can be proud of as it took its company to a new level of advancement and production. As for the promotion of Apple and it’s product’s there is not a day that goes by without seeing some type of promotion or advertisement for an Apple product.

Perhaps one of the best marketing strategies for the I-phone advertisement for the new feature of SIRI was Martin Scorsese’s experience as he is riding in the back of the car using the application showing several of its functions and capabilities. Some capabilities depicted are the request of weather, changing a meeting time, checking the location of a friend and also just carrying on general conversation. As technology advances, this is a perfect way to show the world that Apple can easily adapt to any changes that the environment or requested trends that its customers or potential customers request. Apple always focuses on the customer’s wants and needs and thinks of ways to cater to them, even offering a year warranty on and main device such as the I-pad, I-pod, I-phone, apple computer etc., to ensure customer satisfaction as keep the customer coming back to a name that the customer is and can rely on. These devices are used regularly as mentioned previously throughout the education systems, businesses and for personal reasons. School districts are now using the I-pad as education tools in the classroom and more school are contemplating adopting these trends to relate and get the kids interested in learning in a more fun yet advanced way that relates to everyday technologies.

Within the business world these devices have started a new trend as well. People use these devices to gather date and show company presentations without having to use an outside source. If you think about it, these devices really are the world at your fingertips. These devices are widely used as social devices as well. The youth along with the adults use these devices for gaming, watching movies, streaming music, social networking, keeping up with the news and media among other things. It seems as though everywhere you turn there is someone on some sort of electronic device. Since the development of Apple they have used their technology as a financial gain in to the market of electronics. Over the next decade we can assume that their technology alone with take us into a new era of technology and worldly advancements. What we develop today is a gateway for growth into tomorrow’s world, Apple has certainly taken the right steps at getting to public to recognize and wants their product.

In conclusion, each principal within marketing plan a very important role in whether a company’s products, services and campaign strategies will successfully speak to the customers or potential clients. Because Apple has such in depth marketing strategies and movements based on surrounding demographics, locations of business as well as online services, constant advertisements and development and introduction of new products they have become the highest profiting and most wanted product line in many years. By understanding the wants and needs of society they are able to continue their growth and technological expansion of products, product lines, and accessories that go along with these products. Their expansion and constant growth has led to world-wide sales developments and popularity among countries like Japan, China, Canada and Germany. Over the next few years we can assume that Apple as a company will continue to grow and expand as well as bring on new ways to upgrade current technology for profitable and customer gains.

Reference Page White, S. (2012). Principles of Marketing (1st ed.). San Diego, CA: Bridgepoint Education.

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