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MM Focus:Branding/Re-invention/New Products/Global Expansion Abstract:Bill Lamar, Sr. VP and Chief Marketing Officer of McDonald’s is keeping up with the trends of the U.S. by re-inventing the “Happy Meal”. With the addition of McBakery, and nutritious new breakfast inventions, McDonalds 2012 1st quarter net income grew to $1.26 billion. Refurbishing the“Double Arch”restaurants takes brand recognition into global expansion.

Patricia Roccisano
MBA 612
In order to stay ahead of its myriad of competition, McDonald’s {MCD} took the first-mover advantage and joined Michele Obama’s war on obesity. McDonald’s Happy Meal has been re-invented into a low fat, low calorie nutritious breakfast. Mickey D’s alignment with the anti-obesity campaign ensures market differentiation and began a branding marathon for success. McDonald’s re-invention of the “Happy Meal” and new healthier breakfast product introductions, has allowed McDonald’s to increase its net revenues in the first quarter of 2012 by 7% to 2.5 billion and to be recognized as a leader in the war on “obesity”. As breakfast now includes fruit and nut oatmeal, fruit and walnuts and fruit and yogurt as breakfast choices, McDonald’s branding is now that of the “Healthier Food Choice”. United States Chief Marketing Officer{ CMO}, Neil Golden of McDonalds has gone back to the basics of America with the recent “growers” and “What we’re made of “ Campaigns. MCD is putting a face on their food by focusing on its “growers” or farms as their marketing strategies. This campaign is using TV, print, digital and paid and earned media to feature some its suppliers.

Frank Martinez and Jenn Bunger for the potatoes, Dirk Giannini lettuce and Steve Fogelsong at Black Gold Ranch, beef are just some of the “faces” of our food suppliers. This new strategy appeals to the consumers that are more environmentally and health conscious , and are making their food purchases according to the nutritional content, calories, allergens, and labor and local-sourcing practices. MCD is also appealing to the animal rights groups by no longer accepting the products from suppliers that abuse animals. McDonald’s stores themselves have changed. MCD is refurbishing existing restaurants in order to appear more upscale and extending the hours, some even offering 24/7 service. MCD is a strong brand that protects its sales, is resilient and consistently improving its profit margins. McDonald’s excellent marketing strategies have allowed an increase in global expansion and MCD is slotted to open approximately 1300 new restaurants with 200-250 of those in China alone.

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