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Marketing Strategy Project Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

What follows are questions to be used as a guide in developing your marketing project. Remember, these questions are only a guide to direct your thinking. Embellish upon the information you include in your project as you see appropriate to present a convincing and effective project plan. 1. Your Company

* What is the name of your company?
* What is the mission statement of your company?
2. Your Product
* What are the physical characteristics of your good or service?
* What is the brand name for your product and what is its trademark? * How is your product packaged?
* What are the benefits of your good or service?
* What distinct competitive advantage does your product have?

3. Your Customers
* Who is (are) your target market(s) for your product? Describe them in terms of demographics, psychographics, geography, or other factors that are pertinent to your product and its benefits.
* Why are these consumers considered to be the best prospects for your product?
* What are their buying habits?

* What do you know about their media preferences? Price/value attitudes? Lifestyles?
* Is (are) your target market segment(s) growing, stable, declining?

4. Your Industry and Competition

* What industry are you in?
* Describe your competition (direct and indirect)
* Who are your major competitors (defined in terms of sales volume, market share, number of outlets, etc.)
* What advantage(s) do your competitors have over you?
* What advantage(s) do you have over your competitors?

5. Your SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats)
* Internal Strengths?
* Internal Weaknesses?
* External Opportunities?
* External Threats?

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