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1. Market Research – “eyes and ears of the firm”
a. Data
b. Target Market
c. Demographics
d. Quantitative
e. Who/What/When/Where

2. Consumer Behavior – “mind of the buyer”
a. Psychographics
b. Qualitative
c. Why

3. Product Adjustment/ Product Management
a. Form utility
b. Brand
c. Price
d. Package
e. Position – projected/received “the product’s personality”

4. Distribution/Channel – “arms and legs of the firm/management of time and place utility” a. Wholesalers and retailers live here

5. Promotion/Communication – “voice of the firm”
a. Advertising lives here
6. Retailing/Transaction – “in-store activities”
a. Retailing Mix

6-1. Location Analysis (Target Market Selection) – “where/who” a. Players
i. Food
a. Convenience Stores
b. Supermarket
c. Super Store
d. Super Center
e. Hyper Market
f. Warehouse Clubs
ii. General Merchandise
iii. Service
iv. Non Store

6-2. Consumer Behavior (Store Selection) – “mind of the buyer”

6-3. Merchandise Management – “heartbeat of the store” a. Retailing Functions
i. Assortment Development
ii. Breaking Bulk
iii. Holding Inventory
iv. Providing Service
6-4. Distribution/SCM (Supply Chain Management) – “arms and legs of the store/ management of time and place utility” 6-5. Retail Promotion/Communication Mix – “voice of the store” 6-6. Store Management/More Retailing – “in-store operations” 6-7. Service – “ensuring satisfaction”

6-8. Retail Strategy – “brains of the store/chain”

7. Post-Transaction Activities – “ensuring satisfaction” a. Servicing
b. Product Warranties
8. Market Strategy – “brains of the firm”
a. Upper management lives here

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