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In todays world a successful marketing technique is necessary whether you are a non-profit or for profit business. Marketing is about identifying and satisfying human and social needs in the most profitably way possibly (Kotler & Keller, 2012). Successful marketing means being able to connect and build relationships with customers. I think it is not only important, but also necessary for non-profit organizations to adapt marketing techniques similar to traditional businesses. A non-profit organization is similar to a for-profit in that they both are created to fulfill the need of the people. Non-profit organizations are set up to create an enterprise where any and all surplus money, beyond operating expenses, is spent to provide services and programs to the public (Swenson).

Non-profits do not have large funds or teams dedicated to marketing so it is fairly common for those businesses to use prevalent online marketing techniques, such as Facebook, YouTube, etc. since information can be widely disseminated at a fast rate and low price. A non-profit business has a guiding principle in that no one can profit from the organization, which is the exact opposite from a traditional business. Many individuals lose sight of this value, which has led to many scandals. One of the best advices I have ever received when making a decision is to ask whether you would want to be treated the same way and whether you would want to see your decision publicized in the news.


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